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During the war days, when the representative of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan presented the situation on the battlefield on a daily basis, he stated at the October 5 evening press conference. "The commanders of our troops, with ingenious tactical maneuvers and actions, were able to inflict heavy losses on the enemy and repel them, inflicting about 200 more casualties in the southern direction during today's battles alone. The battles were quite hot, but we avoided them very competently. "Now let them try to show their success in the same way."

He noted that the enemy soldiers were fleeing in panic.

ArmDaily.am presents an excerpt from Samvel Babayan's interview, in contrast to Artsrun Hovhannisyan և map, which was first presented on October 24.
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Do you know why the AstraZeneca vaccine is for people over the age of 55?

Because all the "handcuffs" are young, and their parents (if there are any) will be vaccinated with Sputnik-V and will say that "I do not answer questions containing medical secrets."

They thought of an interesting way to get rid of Hovik Aghazaryan.

Dr. Gorg Grigoryan
Вчера, 07:49
Zurabyan responded to the observation that initially the ANC supported Nikol Pashinyan, various members were appointed to positions, including Vladimir Karapetyan, and now the ANC criticizes. "If you analyze all our statements, you can see that the Congress has never made any statement in support of Nikol Pashinyan or his government. We have always presented alternative programs, we have always presented criticism in the direction of establishing democracy in Armenia. As for the appointment of Vladimir Karapetyan, it was his personal decision, which had nothing to do with the ANC's position. We have reached an agreement with him that Vladimir Karapetyan is suspending his membership in the ANC in order to be able to take a seat in Nikol Pashinyan's government. "
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The Armenian ambassador to Israel has been charged
Вчера, 07:35
Sad news ...

Vachagan Vahradyan passed away ...

A person who opened the doors of many knowledge about Armenology and the Armenian nation to many, including me, a person from whom many of us have learned, a person who mercilessly gave, dedicated what he knew, because he was guided to know, it means to act according to a formula ... A person who has left an indelible mark in the lives of many of us ... A person who constantly created, creates and serves as an example ...

A huge number of developments: artificial intelligence, neural networks, military industry, Armenology, national values, knowledge ....

Days will not be enough if we list the works carried out by Mr. Vahradyan for the benefit of our nation ....
Вчера, 07:23
Azerbaijani telegram channels have published a new video from the occupied city of Shushi. As can be seen in the footage, the Azeris are "erasing" the Armenian trace from the city.
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10:47 19.04.2021 (Updated 10:51 19.04.2021) Get the short link 8 0 0
If according to the current law, a maximum of 45-year-olds can enter the contract military service, then the threshold proposed by the draft is 63 years old.

YEREVAN, April 19 - Sputnik. Today, in the second reading, the parliament fully adopted the bill on making changes in the law "On Military Service կարգ Status of Servicemen" proposed by the "Bright Armenia" faction. It is proposed to raise the age limit for contract military service.
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RA National Assembly Speaker employee,
To Turkish agent Ararat Mirzoyan
From the initiative team of "Happy Alternative Municipality"
Request for information
Based on the first point of Chapter 6 of the RA Law on Freedom of Information, we demand information about the following:
1. During the 44 days starting from September 27, 2020, how many deputies of the "Nicole's Step" faction left for the defense of the Homeland borders?
2. No speech condemning the use of inadmissible weapons by Azerbaijan was made either by the NA Speaker or by any of the deputies appointed. Are you afraid of your client, the educated and constructive murderer Ali, or do you have another reason?
Вчера, 06:16
"They will receive God's punishment, it will be Pashinyan, it will be Anna Hakobyan." The grandfather of the deceased Norik Vardanyan
Вчера, 05:35
"Nikol's texts in the villages mean something like this." Ruben Mkhitaryan
April 19
Director, producer Ruben Mkhitaryan wrote on his Facebook page. "Nicole's lyrics in the villages are almost like a flight attendant entering the cabin of a plane and saying," Dear passengers, now you will be offered the most expensive alcoholic beverages, all the best seafood, you can eat, drink, walk in the salon, dance, sing, In general, do whatever you can think of ... Just do what you do, do it quickly, all the engines of the plane have broken down, we are falling. ”