Вчера, 11:31
A few days ago, Samvel Babayan made a scandalous statement, noting that we have an Armenian general who is a spy for the Turkish army. It is interesting who Babayan means. This should probably be clarified by the NSS.
Вчера, 11:19
"Nikol appointed Gagik Jhangiryan, a living in the barn, a member of the BDK." Sayat Shirinyan (video)
Вчера, 10:57
According to the Azerbaijani border guard service, weapons were used on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. This was reported by Radio Sputnik. In the Fizuli region, Iranian citizens Faizi Yasser Nariman and Husseinpur Sadjad Hassan tried to cross the border. The border guards opened fire, Nariman was slightly wounded, he was provided with medical assistance.
Вчера, 10:47
The Nor Nork Police Investigation Department is preparing materials on the alarm of 45-year-old Varsak R., a resident of Yerevan.

The latter reported that from March 15 to April 12 of this year, his late mother, Susanna V, was in inpatient treatment at St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center.
Вчера, 10:31
Let go of political intrigues, come to your senses guys. Sasun Mikaelyan in Syunik
Вчера, 10:29
EXCLUSIVE unplayed shots. How Armenian soldiers hand over military positions to Azerbaijan, cursing and cursing Pashinyan
Вчера, 09:49
Time has shown that the Nicolaitans who worship the traitor Nicole, the mud's rye, were grown in the same incubators ...

Сюзн, when there is a tragedy in your house because of the traitor Nicole, a person dies, you invite your idol to your house, spread a supra table in front of him, dance a lambada together, and then take him to the cemetery to decorate the grave of the deceased with the flowers he brought ...
PS Nicholas-like weeds like this simply destroy Armenia ...
Вчера, 09:25
Garnik Isagulyan և Livenews host was invited by the NSS. Only hostess Armine Simonyan left the NSS, who told the journalist why she had been summoned to the NSS.

Details in the video.
Вчера, 09:16
Kocharyan has a great chance, unite around him. the rest are empty conversations. Andranik Mihranyan (video)
Вчера, 08:32
Former Secretary of the Artsakh Security Council Samvel Babayan dealt a crushing blow to Nikol Pashinyan and his Erato on Public TV. It is difficult to say whether Babayan willingly or unwillingly assumed the role of executioner of his former allies Anna Hakobyan and Nikol Pashinyan, but his statements are not so much against the army general, whom he considers the only culprit of the 44-day war, but Erato and himself. Nikol Pashinyan, who was proclaimed commander-in-chief in recent days and "did not shake" that fact through his own people. Yes, Pashinyan used to go in and out regularly in those days so that we would not doubt his commanding abilities, and now Samvel Babayan says that Pashinyan has nothing to do with mobilization, he is not a commander, the head of the General Staff and we would fail the battle. Moreover, he said that 1500-2000 officers, to put it mildly, are useless and all those who gave titles and medals to such unprepared officers should be held accountable and given explanations. No leader has been awarded more titles and medals than Nikol Pashinyan. Let us remind you that after the July war, more than 70 officers were awarded new titles, dozens of times more than they did after the war in the 90s. In this matter, while the nation was losing, the ranks of the army were awarded the titles of hero.