Вчера, 14:57
As it is known, "A New Look at the South Caucasus" During his speech at the conference entitled "Post-Conflict Development and Cooperation", the President of Azerbaijan made rather sharp remarks about Russia, which can be perceived as an attempt to strain relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. In particular, they spoke again about the remains of the exploded "Iskander M" missiles found near Shushi, then referred to the Armenian-Russian military cooperation and so on.

Along with all this, anti-Russian propaganda started very smoothly in the media sphere in Azerbaijan, whether in Azerbaijani or Russian. Of course, Baku is very careful in carrying out all this, but there is a certain consistency and order from "above", especially in the Azerbaijani press, which is reflected in the increase of anti-Russian publications. After that, a protest rally took place near the Russian Embassy in Baku these days with the slogans "Russia outside Karabakh", "Karabakh is Azerbaijan", "Ivan go home".

It is self-evident that such a dictatorial country as Azerbaijan does not have such protests. During the staged demonstration, accusations were voiced against Russia that Russia is undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, as well as constantly creating obstacles for the final settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

The behavior of the police during the demonstration was very interesting. The police, the deceased Azerbaijani soldier who is willing to do to take away the parent of the victim's photo and smash amazing "dzernasunutyamb" practically raised on one side of the demonstrators, thereby encouraging radical statements and actions of the protesters. Taking into account both the action of this protest and the previous actions and statements, we can say that Azerbaijan is, in fact, carrying out a multifaceted operative action against Russia.

Some Russian telegram channels already say that Baku's stance is a direct order of the United States. No matter how much we consider this a reaction to the Russian-American confrontation, it is dangerous for Artsakh and the Armenians of Artsakh in the sense that it is possible that Baku is trying to destabilize the situation in Artsakh step by step. Let's not forget that the Azerbaijani military has started to behave quite impudently in recent weeks, carrying out provocations to destabilize the situation in Artsakh. Russia, of course, will respond, and Alexander Dugin's recent statements can be considered a prelude to that response, but we should not forget that Baku dictator Ilham Aliyev would never have taken such a step without Turkey's support, and Ankara would never have "sponsored" London.
Вчера, 14:42
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, by the decision of Simon Harutyunyan, the head of the investigation department of the Kentron-Nork-Marash administrative district of the Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia, 58-year-old Artashat resident Tigran Hakobyan was declared wanted. Garegin Baghdasaryan, who is suspected of killing 40-year-old Armen Hunanyan on bus No. 54 on April 14 in Yerevan.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the investigative body will also apply to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts, so that the court can make a decision of two-month detention of G. as a precautionary measure. Baghdasaryan that when he is found or voluntarily presents himself to law enforcement, he will be arrested.

Due to the operative work of the investigative group, the identity of the alleged suspect in the murder of the GAZelle serving Route 54 in Yerevan on April 14 has been revealed. The victim was 40-year-old Armen Hunanyan, a resident of Yerevan, who returned to Armenia from Austria months ago.

Garegin Baghdasaryan, 58, a resident of Artashat, is wanted by the Central Police Department on suspicion of killing him with 3 stab wounds. According to Shamshyan, he has been convicted several times before.

Photo by G. Shamshyan said
Вчера, 14:21
"The agency, which has been hiding the truth from the people for 44 days, is trying to consider the statements of the victim's parents and relatives suspicious." Commenting on the Defense Army's denial on her Facebook page, Hasmik Martiroyan, Aunt Robert, a soldier killed in Hadrut, wrote about it, quoting the victim's father on her page. "The Defense Army denied my publication, declaring that what I wrote had nothing to do with reality. After seeing the denial, I was contacted by Andranik Karapetyan, the father of the killed soldier Robert Karapetyan, who is my niece's husband. Andranik asked to publish his words without change, so I write ․ "On the night of March 6, at 11:30 pm, they agreed with me under Hoktemberyan Bridge. A stranger came. He said that he was one of their officers, we demanded a certificate, he did not show a certificate to make sure that he was an officer or not. There was no offer to come home. I took him to the cemetery and said, "You are not an officer, and whatever you have brought, let the child go to the cemetery." You say he was an officer. The parent to whom the medal was handed over says that he did not have a document and does not know who handed it to him. Is contacting a parent around midnight also part of the award ceremony? It is simply astonishing that the agency, which has been hiding the truth from people for 44 days, is trying to consider the statements of the victim's parents and relatives suspicious. "I thank everyone for their support and assistance, especially the media, who were not indifferent and spread the information," the aunt of the deceased soldier wrote on her Facebook page. Earlier, Hasmik Martirosyan wrote on her Facebook page that she handed over the medal of her nephew killed in Hadrut to a taxi driver. He stressed that the gift given with this horse is more like a mercy thrown on the face of the family than gratitude.

The Artsakh Defense Army responded to Facebook user Hasmik Martirosyan's post, stating that this had nothing to do with reality. In fact, Robert Karapetyan's "For Courage" but "Combat Service" medal was handed over to the relatives not by the taxi driver, but by Lieutenant Edgar Apresyan, who was the commander of the platoon supporting the unit whose staff member Robert Karapetyan was. Initially, Ms. Apresyan wanted to hand over the medal to the relatives of the killed soldier under their roof, but after receiving a refusal from her parents, she handed it over to the latter's father near the tombstone of the killed soldier. ”
Вчера, 13:47
David was under siege in Hadrut for days, then escaped with the recruits under his responsibility and moved to other positions. He did not tell his parents anything, and only with the map shown on Artsrun Hovhannisyan on TV did the father see that his son's positions had come under the control of the Azerbaijani side.

After the siege was lifted, David and his entourage were transferred to Fizuli, then to Khndzorstan, and then to Shushi. The father, Ara Rafaelyan, says that on November 4, his son called him and said that he had good news.
Вчера, 13:03
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Yerjan called և "they waved their fingers" Arayik Har ...
Lusine Avanesyan, the NKR President's spokeswoman, recently told one of the media outlets that Boris Avagyan, a special envoy of the President on special grounds, does not hold the post. Back in March, Boris Avagyan was relieved of the post of Special Representative of the President on a voluntary basis, and before that I had mentioned that even in that capacity he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. "Therefore, I urge the media not to present Boris Avagyan's comments in any capacity related to the Artsakh President in any other state body," Lusine Avanesyan said.

It should be reminded that this morning Boris Avagyan accused the pro-government deputies of manipulating the issue of prisoners.
Вчера, 12:59
Davit Rafaelyan died on the way to Shushi on November 7. He was a sergeant and spent a year and a half in the 5th Battalion in Hadrut.

David was under siege in Hadrut for days, then escaped with the recruits under his responsibility and moved to other positions. He did not tell his parents anything, and only with the map shown on Artsrun Hovhannisyan on TV did the father see that his son's positions had come under the control of the Azerbaijani side.
Вчера, 12:21
The Russian newspaper Свободная Пресса touched upon the return of Armenian prisoners of war, drawing attention to a recent incident when a plane from Baku, which, according to Nikol Pashinyan's spokesman, was to bring Armenian prisoners of war home, landed empty at Erebuni Airport.

"General Rustam Muradov, who is the commander of the peacekeeping troops stationed in Artsakh, personally accompanies the prisoners of war returning from Baku by plane of the Russian Air Force. That is why, on April 8, when Pashinyan's spokesman Mane Gorgyan reported that Rustam Muradov was allegedly bringing several prisoners of war with him to Yerevan, a large number of relatives had gathered at Erebuni Airport. "Of course, there were many journalists as well, as they hoped to shed tears of happiness, long-awaited hugs, and thus raise Pashinyan's shattered rating," the website writes.

"But only Muradov got off the plane. The greeters were angry, they did not know who to blame. He also reportedly had a fight with the police. People then marched to the Ministry of Defense building to join the protest action of the parents of the missing servicemen. "The situation had escalated to the point that the MoD staff had to be rescued from angry relatives by evacuation by helicopter," the source wrote, adding that "in behind-the-scenes conversations, Armenian officials were trying to point arrows at the Russian general."
Вчера, 12:09
According to ArmLur.am, after holding meetings for several days, the ARF Supreme Body has decided that if early parliamentary elections are held in Armenia on June 20, they will participate. The ARF Dashnaktsutyun is not going to play cards yet. According to ArmLur.am, the ARF members are preparing to make a statement in the coming hours, to present details from the meeting of the Supreme Body.
Вчера, 12:04
Earlier, we learned that Svetlana Hovhannisyan, the principal of Abovyan School No. 2, who had been fired by the former governor of Kotayk and now Minister of Nature Protection Romanos Petrosyan, had defeated Petrosyan in court and would soon be reinstated.

According to our information, Romanos Petrosyan was shocked by his next defeat. According to our source, Petrosyan started shouting when he heard about losing in court, then broke the glass on the table.
Вчера, 11:59
"He was the only leader of our country who was strained from the cemetery," MP Grigor Petrosyan said during a press conference, referring to the incident in Vayots Dzor on Saturday. "I can not say that the three former leaders were unequivocally accepted by all, but none of them was forced out of the cemetery," he added.

Let us remind you that the relative of the victim in Vayots Dzor region did not allow Pashinyan to approach the grave.