Вчера, 17:43
Yesterday, on April 18, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan celebrated the birthday of his stepmother, Yerjanik, with great pomp in his native city of Ijevan. According to the residents of Ijevan, a large number of officials and security officers took part in the festive event with Nikol Pashinyan. The party took place in one of the famous restaurants of Ijevan. Nikol Pashinyan personally bought a bouquet for his stepmother from one of the flower shops in the city. The people of Ijevan told my journalist that in the presence of thousands of victims, wounded, missing, hundreds of captives in Azerbaijan, Nikol Pashinyan was obliged to modestly celebrate the birthday of his stepmother in a modest way.

Nikol Pashinyan's mother, Sveta, was born in 1947. , died of brain cancer in 1988, when Nikol Pashinyan was 13 years old. The people of Ijevan describe her as a beautiful and kind woman. It is noteworthy that Vova Pashinyan's second wife, Yerjanik, who was born in Yenokavan, is Vova Pashinyan's relative. Vova Pashinyan did not have children with her.
Вчера, 17:18
Yesterday, on April 18, an emergency situation took place in Yerevan. At around 8:50 p.m., a group of doctors from the 63rd ambulance brigade of Yerevan 1-03 took a citizen to Erebuni Medical Center, from where the information was passed to the Shengavit Police Department. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the operative group of the Shengavit police department, which left for the hospital, found out that 26-year-old Vardges Ch., A resident of Yerevan, was taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of "bruises on the right hip, scratches on the face."

While the doctors were treating the wounded man, the Charbakh Police Department officers, in cooperation with the officers of the 4th Department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Yerevan City Police Department, found out that on the same day, at around 6:30 pm, a quarrel took place on Sharur Street. , 23-year-old Hamlet G., 25-year-old Gagik G., 29-year-old Harutyun T. "among several still unidentified persons", during which Varges Ch. , on the various parts of the body of his brother, 26-year-old Vachik Ch., a resident of Yerevan. According to operative information, one of the victims of the quarrel fired a warning shot from a pistol attached to him.

The Shengavit Police Department is preparing materials on the fact. The police is taking the necessary operative-investigative measures to find out the complete list of the participants of the fight and to find them. Notification. A person suspected or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code by a court judgment that has entered into force.
Вчера, 17:18
Recently, in one of the Yerevan cafes, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Artsakh Boris Avagyan signed the resignation document, handed over his clothes and weapons. It is noteworthy that the application for dismissal of Artsakh Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Boris Avagyan was signed in Yerevan with the participation of RA Ministry of Emergency Situations officials.
Вчера, 17:01
168.am writes that the former opposition, the current authorities, made one of the nails of their opposition past struggle, in their words, the relentless resistance against the "unlimited" by the criminal oligarchic system and its prominent representatives.

By the way, still in 2018. On October 18, Nikol Pashinyan, who called himself the "Prime Minister of the People," announced that there were no oligarchs in Armenia.

"Mr. Tsarukyan is a big owner in Armenia, it is not a secret for anyone, the rest is no longer my comment. "I have already stated that there are no oligarchs in Armenia," Pashinyan said.
Вчера, 16:28
According to our information, a motorcade of a number of other officials of the US Ambassador to Armenia was observed in the Meghri area of ​​Syunik region.

It should be reminded that the possibility of building a transit road connecting Nakhichevan with Azerbaijan is being actively discussed in Armenia. Most likely, it will pass through Meghri.

The city is located almost 400 km from Yerevan, near Iran. In the west, Meghri borders the exclave of Azerbaijan, the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

The discussions started on the night of November 10 after the publication of the document signed on the cessation of hostilities in Artsakh between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.
Вчера, 16:25
According to ArmDaily.am, the acting chairman of the BDK Gagik Jhangiryan recently broke into Ruben Vardazaryan's office.

We found out that he broke the seal, called the attendants to open the door, announced that "I do not care, open the door as you want" and using mechanical force, opened the door.

And so Jhangiryan reached his destination, the office of the BDK president.

It should be noted that in the case of former employees of the Prosecutor's Office, the door was considered sacred, former Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan left after kissing the door. But former military prosecutor Jhangiryan is a bearer of new manners, in the person of the current government, who broke the door of the Public Radio during the revolution.

The popular saying, however, says that whoever comes, leaves as well.
We tried to find out the information from the head of the Judicial Department Karen Poladyan, but our calls remained unanswered.
Вчера, 16:23
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was on a working visit to Vayots Dzor region on April 17. During the visit, an incident took place in the Getap community cemetery, where the Prime Minister had visited to honor the memory of the victims. The person who introduced himself as the brother of one of the victims did not allow Nikol Pashinyan to approach one of the graves of the victims.

It turned out today that the victim was Karen Yeghoyan, whose uncle Ashot Yeghoyan apologized to Nikol Pashinyan on his Facebook page for the incident and said that the mentioned person had no right to behave in such a way and that he had fulfilled the political order of the opposition.
Вчера, 15:34
"Love is the most beautiful thing in your life" - these lines are mentioned on the Instagram page of Armen Ghazryan's wife.

He seems to have become a blogger, regularly posting all the details of his day in the bottom section of his Instagram page.

He seems to have become a blogger, regularly posting all the details of his day in the bottom section of his Instagram page.
Вчера, 15:11
After the 44-day war, the captives in Azerbaijan were given the opportunity to contact their family members by phone. Zara Amatuni, head of communication programs of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Armenia, told 1lurer.am. "The main purpose of the ICRC's regular visits to these people is to help connect with families. As you know, the traditional form of communication is the letters of the Red Cross. In connection with the recent events, with the consent of the authorities, he was also given the opportunity to contact by phone and launch other means of communication. "Yes, calls have been made in some cases," said Zara Amatuni.

He also said that the ICRC's activities in the region have expanded. Offices have been opened in Ijan and Goris. "The ICRC has expanded its offices in Yerevan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Baku, opening new offices, taking into account the problems that may arise in border communities. "Our budget for the region has grown significantly to about 47 million Swiss francs this year," Amatuni said.
Вчера, 14:57
As it is known, "A New Look at the South Caucasus" During his speech at the conference entitled "Post-Conflict Development and Cooperation", the President of Azerbaijan made rather sharp remarks about Russia, which can be perceived as an attempt to strain relations between Russia and Azerbaijan. In particular, they spoke again about the remains of the exploded "Iskander M" missiles found near Shushi, then referred to the Armenian-Russian military cooperation and so on.

Along with all this, anti-Russian propaganda started very smoothly in the media sphere in Azerbaijan, whether in Azerbaijani or Russian. Of course, Baku is very careful in carrying out all this, but there is a certain consistency and order from "above", especially in the Azerbaijani press, which is reflected in the increase of anti-Russian publications. After that, a protest rally took place near the Russian Embassy in Baku these days with the slogans "Russia outside Karabakh", "Karabakh is Azerbaijan", "Ivan go home".

It is self-evident that such a dictatorial country as Azerbaijan does not have such protests. During the staged demonstration, accusations were voiced against Russia that Russia is undermining the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, as well as constantly creating obstacles for the final settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

The behavior of the police during the demonstration was very interesting. The police, the deceased Azerbaijani soldier who is willing to do to take away the parent of the victim's photo and smash amazing "dzernasunutyamb" practically raised on one side of the demonstrators, thereby encouraging radical statements and actions of the protesters. Taking into account both the action of this protest and the previous actions and statements, we can say that Azerbaijan is, in fact, carrying out a multifaceted operative action against Russia.

Some Russian telegram channels already say that Baku's stance is a direct order of the United States. No matter how much we consider this a reaction to the Russian-American confrontation, it is dangerous for Artsakh and the Armenians of Artsakh in the sense that it is possible that Baku is trying to destabilize the situation in Artsakh step by step. Let's not forget that the Azerbaijani military has started to behave quite impudently in recent weeks, carrying out provocations to destabilize the situation in Artsakh. Russia, of course, will respond, and Alexander Dugin's recent statements can be considered a prelude to that response, but we should not forget that Baku dictator Ilham Aliyev would never have taken such a step without Turkey's support, and Ankara would never have "sponsored" London.