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"168 hours" ․ Pashinyan and Ali against the Armenian ...
"Nikol Pashinyan constantly speaks about the change of hostile attitude towards the neighbors, peace. Under these seemingly innocent and safe statements, there are other goals, which are revealed as a result of various statements of the government and other statements by Nikol Pashinyan.

It is already being announced without hesitation that Armenia did not have an army, the army is being discredited and discredited by all possible methods. And after that, Nikol Pashinyan's "interrogative" statement is heard that there is an idea to make service in the army once every 5 years, for only three months.
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"People". ARF will go to the elections Kochar ...
Zhoghovurd "daily writes ․ "The ARF Dashnaktsutyun made a political decision yesterday - to participate probably in the June 20 parliamentary elections. Until now, they were quite radical. According to the "Zhoghovurd" daily, during the ARF General Assembly, which took place on April 17-18, the issue of participating in the possible snap elections on June 20 was discussed for a long time.
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"Square". Some columns that took part in the war ...
"On April 15, Sasun Mikaelyan, the chairman of YVU, visited Syunik region. He met with the governor of Syunik ների with the heads of the territorial divisions of YVU, then handed medals to a number of Syunik Yerkrapahs on the occasion of their participation in the last war for their service to the homeland.
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"Fact". Tsarukyan's proposal caused a great stir
"Fact" daily writes. "We have informed that the PAP pre-election program is ready, which, according to our information, was personally drafted by the party leader Gagik Tsarukyan. And yesterday, Tsarukyan met with the representatives of the PAP Youth Union and presented some of the provisions of the preliminary version of the program, which refer to students and young people.

During the meeting, they particularly talked about tuition fees, which is one of the most painful issues in our country today. Tsarukyan said that their program envisages a system that operates in a number of European countries, when the state signs a contract with a student, provides him with education, and then a job, and the student will repay the debt within five years. This will ensure that no one is deprived of education due to their social status, on the other hand, people will not have to take out high-interest loans to pay for tuition.
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"Azerbaijan's losses are simply catastrophic. they did not achieve results. " Onik Gasparyan's advisor (video)
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Turkish Ambassador to Georgia Fatma Jeren Yazgan reacted to Armenian President Armen Sargsyan's drawing of Mount Ararat in the book of honorary guests of the Georgian Presidential Palace.

This became known after the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili posted a photo from the page of the book of honorary guests of her residence on Facebook.

Fatma Jeren Yazgan tweeted that "Mount Agri (the Turkish name for Ararat) is the highest mountain in Turkey."

He also wrote it in Georgian and Armenian, adding that it was done so that the facts would not be lost in caricature diplomacy.
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We talked to Arianna Hovsepyan, a public figure and the founding director of the newspress.am website, about the behavior of the ruling team in recent days.

Details in the video.
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During these months, the political leadership of Armenia is trying to put the responsibility on the military. But the generals have their truth, which is not pleasing to the authorities.

YEREVAN, April 19 - Sputnik. The military leadership of Armenia had calculated all the possible scenarios of the future war in Artsakh, but the political leadership, the state in general, were not ready for war. In an interview with Sputnik Armenia, Vladimir Poghosyan, advisor to Onik Gasparyan, former Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, expressed such an opinion.

Our interlocutor says that when he assumed the position of Adviser to the Chief of General Staff, they started to create various structures and models that would help to correctly analyze the development scenarios. Moreover, while not yet in the Armed Forces, Poghosyan regularly assisted the army with information and analysis.
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RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was on a working visit to Vayots Dzor region on April 17. During the visit, an incident took place in the Getap community cemetery, where the Prime Minister had visited to honor the memory of the victims. The person who introduced himself as the brother of one of the victims did not allow Nikol Pashinyan to approach one of the graves of the victims.

"Today it turned out that the victim was Karen Yeghoyan, whose uncle Ashot Yeghoyan apologized to Nikol Pashinyan on his Facebook page and said that the mentioned person had no right to behave in such a way and that he had fulfilled the political order of the opposition." , - civic.am wrote about this.

"Dear Arman, you say that you have all the rights, and I tell you as Karen's uncle, you had no right to behave like that and not allow the Prime Minister of our country to bow down and lay flowers at the grave of my nephew, let me say more You are not in the name of a relative, but in the name of a relative.
Disguised as a representative of the opposite side of the political pole, you have fulfilled the order of only 17 political prostitutes, for which you will still regret a lot. As the uncle of a dead soldier, I apologize to the Prime Minister and the entire Getap community.
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Today the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Yerevan City Police Department and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Nor Nork Police Department carried out a special operation in Yerevan.

According to shamshyan.com, during the operation, more than 50 criminal authorities related to the criminal subculture were brought to the Yerevan City Police Department from different administrative districts of the capital.