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The search for the resident who went missing two days ago continues in Syunik region
In Syunik region, the citizen left home and did not return
A large delegation is coming to Armenia from Azerbaijan
Events in the border areas of Syunik region should be in the center of attention, not covered up
The government is secretly going to Syunik region
By the order of the RA Chief of Police Vahe Ghazaryan, a number of personnel changes were made in Syunik region.

In a conversation with Tert.am, Edgar Janoyan, Deputy Head of the Police Information Department, said that the Chief of Police of Syunik Region had resigned, one of his deputies, the Chief of Police of Goris, had also been appointed.
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After the resignation, Nikol Pashinyan will be the acting Prime Minister. Yeghoyan

After the resignation of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, he will be acting Prime Minister. Arman Yeghoyan, a member of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly, said this at the parliamentary briefing, referring to the journalist's observation that the law allows the Deputy Prime Minister to be the deputy prime minister in case of the Prime Minister's resignation.

He reminded that the Prime Minister said that he would resign in the last ten days of April, the deputy could not say the exact day. Will the "Civil Contract" go to the elections with a bloc or a party size? The issue is still being discussed, there is no final decision.

"After his resignation, the acting Prime Minister will be Nikol Pashinyan," Yeghoyan said.
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What a wonderful gift on the eve of April 24. If we take a closer look, we will find a statue of Kemal somewhere
April 20
Months ago, in one of the supermarkets, my wife fixed a pen box on which were printed in Turkish the words of the Armenian murderer, the Armenian Genocide Kemal Ataturk, "Happy is he who is born a Turk." The director of the network contacted us and apologized for the noise, assuring us that the disgrace would be removed immediately, and that other parts of the network and the warehouse had been instructed to conduct an "inventory" on the spot.
A statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's ideological friend, Gandhi, was erected in the park in front of Armenia Medical Center (Republican Hospital) in Ajapnyak tonight. What a wonderful gift for April 24!
If we take a closer look, we will find a statue of Kemal somewhere.
These are neither apes, nor traitors, nor jokers, they are pure Turks.
Dmp-dmp-hu ...
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Guys, there is no land to give ... Nerso's body was found, holding a handful of native land in his fist 2388
On April 24, the entrance to Tsitsernakaberd will be closed for some time for citizens 1713
All the scenarios of the war were calculated. Onik Gasparyan's advisor opens brackets 1228
Armenia will give way to Azerbaijan in front of the road. Pashinyan 908
"It will be a very heavy blow for Azerbaijan." Will the issue of Armenian captives be discussed in PACE 893?
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Youtube / Security Council of RA / Security Council of RA:
The recording published by the Security Council presents excerpts from Onik Gasparyan's speech.

The Office of the Security Council of the Republic of Armenia has released the recording of the declassified part of the September 30, 2020 sitting of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia Onik Gasparyan.

On April 15, the Security Council published the text version of that statement, most of which was kept confidential, that is, several sentences were published.
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We are coming to Armenia. Ladaniva will perform in Yerevan for the first time
The French band Ladaniva, whose interpretations of Armenian folk songs brought the band great recognition in Armenia, will give a solo concert in Yerevan.

The concert will take place on May 29. Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex.

"We are coming to Armenia. We will be very glad to see you at our first concert in Yerevan. "Love, love," reads the text of the message posted on the group's official Facebook page.

The founders of "Ladaniva" are soloist Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and Louis Thomas. The other French members of the group change regularly. To date, "Ladaniva" has presented an interesting, unique approach to music lovers: "Like a Breeze", "Woe is me", "I will die in the wind of the mountains" and other Armenian songs.
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On April 20, at 09:26, the National Crisis Management Center received information that on April 19, at 22:26, ​​residents of Getahovit village, S. AS (born in 1980), A ․ AS (born in 1980), S. The National Assembly (born in 2007) և S ․ AS (born in 2009). We are informed about this from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Ս ․ HAJ (born in 2009) died in Ijjan city medical center. Ս ․ Հ․-ն և Ա ․ HA was taken to "Heratsi" N1 hospital complex in Yerevan, and S. The National Assembly (born in 2007) was transferred to "Muratsan" MC.
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Caucasus Heritage Watch warns about the possible danger to the church of Vankasar in the Martakert region of Artsakh.

"Satellite images taken on April 16 show the possible presence of heavy equipment in the parking lot of a 7th-century Vankasar church, a structure across the road," the Caucasus Heritage Watch tweeted.
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"My Step" MP participates in Euronest sitting in a sober state ․ "Mediaport"
April 20
"Mediaport" telegram channel published a photo with an attached post. "My Step" MP Victor Yengibaryan is participating in the Euronest sitting in an insane state. "
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Turkish Minister. The construction of the highway connecting Azerbaijan with Nakhichevan has started
April 20
The construction of a highway to connect the mainland of Azerbaijan with Nakhichevan has begun, said Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismayiloglu.

"We believe that the construction of the highway between Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan should be completed as soon as possible. The work has already started and is continuing. "Immediately after the completion of this road, the construction of the railway from Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan will begin," Karaismayiloglu said in an interview with the Turkish Yeni Safak newspaper.
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The list of Kocharyan's bloc is being outlined. Argamich's son may be here. "Square"
April 20
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The list of Kocharyan's bloc is being outlined. It is true that they are not in a hurry to publish yet, not being sure that the elections will take place, but it is already clear that two political forces will be included in the bloc: the ARF and the "Reviving Armenia" parties of former Syunik governor Vahe Hakobyan. There will be representatives of other parties, but they will not be part of the alliance.

For example, there will be several people from the "One Armenia" party led by Arthur Ghazinyan. In particular, Ghazinyan, Vladimir Martirosyan, Hasmik Yengoyan, Vahe Davtyan and journalist Nairi Hokhikyan, who is not a party member, but can enter the list with the "One Armenia" quota. Ghazinyan did not want to comment on anything, repeating the idea that one person's Facebook post is not a reason to go to the polls yet.