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RA President Armen Sargsyan paid a working visit to Syunik region. Together with the RA Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan, they visited a number of communities, got acquainted with the situation there. Of course, the President's visit to Syunik region, which is arguably the most difficult situation at the moment, is very important for the residents to try to feel at least a little bit of the state presence, albeit with very limited representative powers, but still the presence of the head of state.

At the same time, these days we are witnessing the visits of the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to the regions and the related, sometimes disgraceful developments. The press actively writes that Nikol Pashinyan has been removed from the list of regional visits to some regions, such as Syunik, Lori, Ararat, etc., and the regions he goes to mainly avoid large communities and visit small communities. where the situation can be at least minimally controllable and there will be no excesses, the probability of speeches against it will be less.

There were even publications in the press that during Nikol Pashinyan's visits to the regions, sometimes the directions change on the spot, when they feel that there is a backlash among the population of the community to be visited and they may be ashamed again. In a word, we have two parallel realities: on the one hand, Nikol Pashinyan, who lives secretly, entering from the back entrances, and on the other hand, President Armen Sargsyan, who is paying a working visit to Syunik. Of course, the contrast is quite obvious. But the issue here is not only the contrast.

In fact, Armen Sargsyan humiliates Nikol Pashinyan, showing that, for example, Pashinyan cannot visit Syunik even at night and in secret, but he visits during the day and with an open front, in front of everyone, without fear, without shame. Armen Sargsyan masters the subtle English art of humiliating with hints, symbols and "messages". And one of those "messages" is that Armen Sargsyan shows that as a politician he is more acceptable, incomparably more acceptable than Nikol Pashinyan.
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Discussions on prisoners of war took place in the Armenian parliament, which was initiated by the recently formed group of independent deputies. The main speaker was the former mayor of Artik Boris Avagyan, whose name has been mentioned a lot lately. He became famous when he announced that the British The Halo trust, which has been operating in Artsakh since 1995, provided minefield maps to Azerbaijan. It became known then that Avagyan, it turns out,

The representative of the President of Artsakh on the issue of prisoners is the Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of Artsakh on cooperation with Russian peacekeepers. Later, information appeared in the Russian media that Avagyan, who had been arrested for a crime in St. Petersburg, had been recruited by the Russian special services and sent to Armenia.
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The detainees held in Azerbaijan were given the opportunity to contact their relatives
April 20
Aysor.am writes.

The detainees held in Azerbaijan were given the opportunity to contact their relatives, Zara Amatuni, head of communication programs of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Armenia, told Aysor.am.
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Half a year after the second Artsakh war, there are no scandalous criminal cases. A few days after the war, key personnel changes took place in the defense sector. Without any justification, the Minister of Defense David Tonoyan and his deputies were dismissed. David Tonoyan is in the shadows now, he does not carry out any public activities. Tonoyan last spoke publicly in an interview with Mediamax on November 20 last year, where he said that he was leaving.

The society seems to have tacitly agreed with David Tonoyan. There are no questions about Tonoyan, who led the defense sector during the war. However, in parallel with this passivity of the former minister, there are persistent rumors circulating about his name that he is involved in corrupt deals. The investigative bodies have not yet provided any information that Davit Tonoyan is involved in any case or has been summoned to the preliminary investigation body within the framework of any criminal case.
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Onik Gasparyan demands publication of the full version of his final speech at the NSC session
April 20
"I demand to publish the speech of the RA President in the final part of the sitting of that day, after which my speech in full," Gasparyan told Armlur.
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A secret recording has been published. What did Onik Gasparyan say during the secret session?
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One of the Facebook users published a photo of an Azerbaijani soldier and wrote:

"In the picture is Naid Mammadov, a Turk who has many rewards for eating the heads of Armenian soldiers.

He gave it back today, he says, I can't eat the medals eaten by Armenians

There is no money, no livelihood ... ”
Сегодня, 10:16
Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's wife Anna Grigoryan referred to the post of user Hasmik Maritirosyan on her Facebook page, who is the aunt of the killed soldier. Hraparak.am writes about this.

"Hasmik Martirosyan wrote ․ "Robert, my sister's son. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Courage, which the taxi driver handed to his father. They agreed somewhere in the city, gave him a bag and left. I repeat, the taxi driver handed over the Medal of Courage to an 18-year-old boy who died in Hadrut. The taxi driver. "

The Deputy Prime Minister's wife posted Hasmik Martirosyan's post on her Facebook page and commented on it as follows ․ "Where have we reached? It is better to enter the ground. "I am sure you will count, you definitely have a lot of idle deputies and bureaucrats among the victims of our ghost," the media outlet writes.
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Nikol Pashinyan and Arayik Harutyunyan awarded the post and the rank of colonel to the person wanted in Russia. Who fired Boris Avagyan yesterday?
April 20
It turns out that NKR Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Boris Avagyan, who was fired yesterday for criticizing the "Imkaylans" manipulating the issue of prisoners in the National Assembly, has a rather interesting biography. He started his career in Armenia after the change of government in 2018, being appointed Deputy Mayor of Artik. During the war, Arayik Harutyunyan appointed him Special Representative of the Artsakh President, and after the war, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel, appointing him Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations. But this is not all. Boris Avagyan has been wanted by the Russian special services since July 2016 for smuggling goods and causing damage to the state of about 4 billion rubles. In 2018, Avagyan renounced his Russian citizenship to start a political career in Armenia. After writing a dismissal application in a cafe yesterday, he was called to the NSS.
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Putin slapped Erdogan again. what is the matter ...
As it is already known, the Russian military air force destroyed the militant base near Palmyra, Syria, with more than 200 militants, a large amount of weapons, ammunition depots and military vehicles.

According to official information, the Russian military found out about the hidden base of the militants and after checking the information, destroyed it with air strikes. A large amount of ammunition and military vehicles were destroyed. The militants trained future terrorists at the base and then sent them to different parts of Syria to carry out terrorist acts.