3-12-2019, 21:35
Publicist Garbis Pashoyan wrote on his Facebook page: “I have recently noticed that in addition to practical politics, Nikol Pashinyan is also trying to take an ideological stance. That is, the Prime Minister puts forward ideas and some value concepts. This approach is, of course, very welcome, as politicians and statesmen must also be individuals producing political thought in addition to decision-making bureaucrats. But on the other hand, this is a very difficult task, and the initiator must at least have a very serious knowledge base and preparedness.

     By the way, former President Levon Ter-Petrosyan was also an ideologist. Well, the president had no problem in this matter, as he is a medieval scientist by profession (knowledge of medieval history is a powerful tool), thoroughly familiar with philosophical and social science, from Hobbes to Habermas.

     For example, Serge Sargsyan had no similar knowledge (there is nothing shameful here) and avoided public ideology, confining himself to decision-making. His assistants, of course, headed by Vigen Sargsyan, were involved in concept development.
3-12-2019, 21:14
MP Sipan Pashinyan posted a photo on his Facebook page, which read:

"I present to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi Muhammad ibn Zayed al-Nahyan who has never visited the Republic of Armenia."
3-12-2019, 21:08
Gagik Surenyan, head of the MES Meteorological Service, wrote on his Facebook page:

"A normal snowstorm was coming, and he was on the road in a haze."
3-12-2019, 21:05
2020 is very important as it marks the beginning of a new era. The Jupiter-Saturn Convention begins a new 20-year cycle. This concept will occur and mainly affects the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Fish).

In general, the Year of the Rat will be beneficial for the Aries, especially financially. The flow of money will come from time to time in completely unexpected directions. But here in the love affairs, be extremely careful. One word you misspelled can put an end to your relationship.

Smart and consistent Flies In the Year of the Rat will be as resolute as ever, enabling them to significantly improve their financial status and achieve their work goals. When it comes to personal life, Flair's family risks becoming the initiator of frustrations in his personal life.

Anxious and constantly busy Twins will be looking for new sources of income throughout 2020. No, that does not mean that everything is going to be bad financially. The constant desire to try something new does not allow the Twins to rest in their places. And in love they are expecting a real Brazilian TV series: meetings, divisions, intrigues, scenes of jealousy and an unexpected happy ending.
3-12-2019, 20:57
Today, December 3, a car accident took place in Yerevan. At around 23:00 on the crossroads of Komitas avenue-Vagharshyan street crashed cars of Haise 689 AO 61 and Opel car 35 CR 284, shamshyan.com reports.

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, according to preliminary information, there were no casualties due to the accident. The fire and rescue squad of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene with 1 fire brigade.

Rescuers unplugged and shut down the Opel gas cylinder. Yerevan traffic police officers also arrived at the scene. The photojournalist reports that the Haise car was registered in the 1-03 ambulance in Yerevan, and according to the driver's statement, the ambulance transported the child to the hospital, and he turned on the acoustic signals. Some citizens who witnessed the crash also reported this. Materials are being prepared by the Traffic Police of Yerevan. Police are identifying the drivers. The representative of the insurance company has also arrived urgently.
3-12-2019, 20:53
Lawyer Yervand Varosyan wrote on his Facebook page: "A dry assessment of emotion as a result of the process of forcibly stopping today's peaceful protest. In order to stop the 50-60 youth action, almost all the human resources of the police force of the police force, up to the special forces, were used.

From this conclusion, BOLOLA will not only be, but also inevitable. "
3-12-2019, 20:43
David Khajakyan, head of the Luys faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders, wrote on his Facebook page: "I would be very surprised if after the interview of Hayk Marutyan and Petros Ghazaryan, the Public Broadcaster also aired the opposition representative whose questions half of the questions were not even touched upon in their interview.

But how would it be to ensure equal broadcasting or to have the issue covered properly during this time? Well, I'm not even talking about the debate ... The subtle and guiding wording of the questions made it clear just how superficial Maruti's arguments were.

The view of the ruling power and the Public is the following: there is no room for even suspicion of corruption, there is nothing to check and it is useless to cover. ”
3-12-2019, 20:36
Yesterday, December 3, a tragic incident took place in Yerevan. At around 13:30 Izmirlyan Medical Center received a call from the Kanaker-Zeytun Police Department that a young boy had been taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of "polytravoma, clinical death".

According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the operative group of Kanaker-Zeytun police department headed by Ruben Navasardyan and the investigation team of Kanaker-Zeytun Investigation Department of Yerevan Investigation Committee headed by Hakob Gevorgyan left for the hospital. Police and investigators have found that the deceased was taken to a hospital in the yard of the newly constructed Aharonyan 1/9 elite building, where he fell from the 8th floor while doing construction work.

It turned out that the deceased was a resident of Charentsavan town, 25-year-old Narek Z. Materials are being prepared at the Kanaker-Zeytun Investigative Unit on the fact of violating labor protection rules. According to the investigator's decision, a forensic medical examination was appointed. C. According to Shamshyan, the deceased worked at ABC Tech as a front cover.
3-12-2019, 20:21
Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan touched upon the latest issue of sheikhs on H1, according to which investors were disappointed after meeting him.

“Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan is not making such statements for the first time. Yes, there was a meeting, there were investors. They called me and told me they wanted to meet, and the meeting took place on Sunday. The meeting, discussion was very productive. There was no talk of being a hospital benefactor. We said what we could support. I said no problem, because we work 24/7. And we don't have a Saturday or Sunday. I was told at the time that we had adjusted to them, and I told Mr. Meschian to come to the meeting on Sunday. We invited the protocol and met them in the right way. We were very formal dressed, with jeans and t-shirts, ”the mayor said.

Hayk Marutyan insisted that the meeting's guests expressed readiness to build a hospital and hotel, but there was no talk of the hospital being charitable.
3-12-2019, 20:14
Beirut's street was heavily policed and closed, causing a terrible traffic jam at the Square.

I thought to see who was coming or going, what was it like to close one of the central streets at this rush hour? It turned out that some of the young people demonstrating peacefully had to be driven by force.
Nikol Pashinyan, aren't you?

From Lusine Haroyan-Dallakyan's Facebook page