20-12-2019, 16:33
Hraparak daily writes: Former Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan has a friend and they are about to get married soon. A number of details have been revealed to Hraparak, Hovhannisyan's friend is Arshak Mnatsakanyan, who is a plastic surgeon at the Astghik Medical Center and a deputy director of plastic surgery. Arshak and Arpine were first-year students at YSU Faculty of Law, there were about 200 students in the course, Arpine and Arshak were in different streams, they didn't know each other in the first year. After one year of law study, Arshak, who is admitted to the faculty free of charge and has completed the year, excludes the faculty and is admitted to the Medical University. She currently performs about 500 nose surgeries a year at Astghik Medical Center and is a leading specialist in plastic surgery.

Arpine Hovhannisyan and Arshak Mnatsakanyan got acquainted with each other on the 28th of September of this year, at the end of the event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the course. According to our information, Arshak is going to offer Arpine a New Year's wedding. Arpine Hovhannisyan's 36th Anniversary Arshak Mnatsakanyan and Arpine Hovhannisyan have announced that they are officially friends and are dating.
20-12-2019, 16:23
More than sixty Armenian and Russian cultural figures have been the subject of discussions on the Internet since yesterday, calling for the release of Artsakh's first president, Armenia's second president, Robert Kocharyan, and a change in his restraint.

After the announcement began, the search for the signatories began. The list included both celebrities and unknowns who have become as prominent as Ashugh Voskehour since yesterday.

ArmDDaily.am also called the prominent figures who joined the announcement, it turned out that many of them did not join the announcement and were not aware of what it was about. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the names of these people were not accidentally listed. As many of them have said, they have received a call from the office of the second president asking if they are in favor of Kocharyan being released, or that those people have not fixed the conversation, or those on the other side of the phone have not clearly explained what the matter is, as a result of which the names are to appear.

Of course, supporters of the second president had the task of presenting the name of a more prominent and well-known man; it is not excluded that many of the names were simply written in the light of friendship, intimacy, years of relationships, or past service. Why the Kocharians started collecting the signatures of show business representatives may have used the bridesmaid Sirusho and her parents in this issue. It is noteworthy that Sirusho's mother, Susan Margaryan, joined in the announcement, and not her husband, actor Hrachya Harutyunyan.
20-12-2019, 16:14
The RA Investigation Committee informs that at the General Investigation and Electoral Crimes Investigation Department of the General Investigation Department of the Armenian Football Federation, by the request of the Football Federation of Armenia IAM, the former president of the Football Federation Ruben Hayrapetyan was not allowed during the construction of stadiums during the construction of stadiums. Large-scale investigative and procedural action taken in the framework of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case being investigated in cooperation with the General Director of the RA Police Data were obtained during 2012-2018. Within the framework of the contracts signed with the Football Federation of Armenia (IFF) in connection with the construction and renovation of the football stadiums and sports schools in the administrative territories of Sisian, Sevan, Vanadzor, Armavir, Vagharshapat, Gyumri and Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur Director and Technical Supervision Officer of the Football Federation of Armenia IUU, Client: "Football Federation of Armenia" By unintentionally intentionally stealing from the IMU a particularly large amount of fraud by the use of official position. "Considering that evidence in the criminal case was obtained from the Director of" Zeytun Furniture Factory "OJSC and AS Tech. In the course of committing the criminal offenses envisaged in Article 178 (3) (1) and (2) of Article 325 of the Criminal Code, the controller was ordered to arrest them, assigned to the RA SCR Police Officers.

The preliminary investigation is ongoing, measures are being taken to ensure a full, objective and comprehensive investigation of the case, to identify the full circumstances of the abuses and the extent of the abuses, to identify the perpetrators and to bring criminal prosecution. The preliminary investigation is continuing, ”the statement reads.
4-12-2019, 00:30
Daniel Ioannisyan, Founder of the Union of Informed Citizens, Program Coordinator wrote on his Facebook page:

"Hayk Marutyan, as I understand it, dispersed rather well with his brother, rather than the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

The name of the emirate of Abu Dhabi is Muhammad ibn Fayed Al Nahyan. His brother, Sultan ibn Qaid Al Nahai, had come to Armenia.
4-12-2019, 00:17
Do you know why I was initially convinced that the West Pashinyan project was doomed to failure? Because right from the start, I was convinced that it was not a "nationwide jumble" but a planned foreign operation that pursued a goal of removing the RAF from the geopolitical sphere of Russian influence. On April 21, 2018, when I saw Nicole in a "proper haiku" with Nicole, I recalled the July 2016 terrorist attack in which the same "crooked mouth" was actively participating in the rallies.

Do you now understand which one is next? This, though, is a subjective opinion, and I am convinced that it is true. Let's move on. We are all well aware that we Armenians are a pro-Russian people by the way and by the yoke, and it would be almost impossible to remove these people from the Russian perspective at once. "People," which is practically impossible "as I repeat, Armenians are more pro-Russian than the other post-Soviet nations (except Belarus).

I say to a "Nicole Rosamole" "If you accept Putin, do you know that Ninol is against the Russians, that is, Putin?" oh congregation, the answer killed. "The lies are nothing but their brotherhoods." Asking for his "Western grandparents", Levon wins the time to be able to raise anti-Russian sentiments in the Armenian community with provocations of shanties and bent. it has not and will not succeed. Well, who else did he need ..... PS. I hope you understand. PSG To be continued...
4-12-2019, 00:02
Public figure, human rights activist, publicist Vardan Harutyunyan wrote on his Facebook page: "Dear Arayik Harutyunyan, while it seemed to us that we were protecting you from the attacks of nationalists, fascists and communists, hidden under the banner of patriotism, you were preparing to republish in your ministry rooms, even with your critics' dignity, in a room with your critics, project.

     Word of 2017 This fall, or in January-February 2018, is about a project on "Youth-patriotic upbringing" that has long been criticized and, to our understanding, suspended after the revolution. According to this re-released project, your ministry is tasked with preserving the Armenian gene pool (will you explain what this is and how will we preserve it) to give young people military-patriotic upbringing, as it turns out, "in the context of modern globalization It is impossible to solve state problems without a state system and program of military-patriotic upbringing of young generations responsible for the preservation and development of national spiritual and cultural values. "
3-12-2019, 22:46
The draft was proposed by the Alliance in the first reading, but before the second reading, the Committee on State and Legal Affairs voted against the draft and dropped it off the agenda. We are talking about the bill by which NSS Director and Police Chief can be appointed persons who have been RA citizens for the last 4 years, have resided in Armenia and have turned 25 years old.

What has changed from the first to the second reading that the government has changed? Esmon Marukyan's question created a lot of problems. The NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan and the Chairman of the State Legal Committee Vladimir Vardanyan were trying to explain that the adoption of the draft would contradict the constitution and although they wanted much, they could not do anything.

According to Vardanyan, this project is shattering and distorting the system, they have worked in the military, but have not found a legal way that would not contradict the Constitution; "We have tried to find a solution in which we can liberalize the heads of these structures, but the question arises as to what to do with the deputies.
3-12-2019, 22:39
The post of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's former adviser Arsen Kharatyan that sparked political discourse years ago sparked heated debate. Kharatyan recalls the previous abuses against her and a number of other citizens, and noted that there were groups in the NSS and other security agencies that had been held accountable by the elite for unwanted treatment.

There has been no revelation about these groups in the post-revolutionary period, there is no talk of this even on the political agenda.

CivilNet has met with several victims of politically motivated violence. Mark Grigoryan, David Petrosyan and Vilen Gabrielyan told their stories "from the scene".
3-12-2019, 22:27
Henaran Press Club Speakers Karine Danielyan, Azat Yeghiazaryan and Arman Navasardyan, members of the Council of Intellectuals, referred to the draft law on Higher Education and Science, according to which Armenian Language and Armenian History subjects will not be taught in universities.

  Intellectuals point out the dangers and consequences of making these subjects non-compulsory in universities.
3-12-2019, 21:49
The Internet has received a great response from the vibrant Armenian dance group of pilgrims returning from their homeland in Jerusalem to the historic center of Tel Aviv in Yafo.

The pilgrims to Narekavank Tour, the pilgrims to Jerusalem, danced to live music in the main street in Jaffo, drawing the attention of many tourists and locals.

Many foreigners "danced" with Armenians on their cell phones, and later the dance video was already spreading rapidly online.