31-01-2020, 19:13
A 16-year-old teenager killed in a shootout in Volgograd was shot in "Yeralash".

A criminal case has already been launched in the Russian penitentiary under the article of murder.

A 20-year-old citizen of Volgograd was arrested on suspicion of committing the murder.
Details of what happened are not yet known.
31-01-2020, 18:56
Today at 17:13 an emergency call was received at the State Emergency Situations Crisis Management Center that a citizen had fallen into a drainage hole adjacent to the Kashen mine in still unknown circumstances.

At 17:14, a fire brigade from the fire department of the Martakert regional emergency department left for the scene.

At 17:24, the emergency response unit of the Special Rapid Response Unit of the rescue forces left for the scene.
31-01-2020, 18:49
The case of third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, former Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan, owner of Flash company Barsegh Beglaryan, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Samvel Galstyan, former head of the Ministry's Crop Management Department Gevorg Harutyunyan was signed by Judge Vahe Misakyan. Hetq was informed by the Judicial Department. Vahe Misakyan has been appointed as a judge of general jurisdiction of Yerevan in October 2019, since 2017 he has been a judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Marz.

It should be reminded that the case against Sargsyan and others was sent to the court days ago on January 29. Based on a combination of sufficient evidence obtained during the preliminary investigation of the Criminal Investigation Service, it was found out that "by the organization of a third President Serzh Sargsyan and the owner of" Flash "LLC Barsegh Beglaryan, the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Samvel Galstyan and the Head of the Harvest Department of the same Ministry with the assistance of the former Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan from January 25 to February 7, 2013 wtyan reserve fund spent on subsidies for large amounts of money allocated 15 million 391 thousand 765 liters of diesel fuel sold during the implementation of state support programs, 489 million 160 thousand drams.
31-01-2020, 18:38
Due to the deadly coronavirus, many pharmaceutical companies have become richer as well as producers of chemicals whose prices have risen sharply based on rumors that the disease has spread.

It is well known that the prices of Novacyt's products have risen the most since the latter has developed a coronavirus test that allows to determine whether a person is infected or not.

Inflation was also seen in companies producing medical masks and chemicals, and Inovio was given $ 9 million to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.
31-01-2020, 18:34
Robert Kocharyan's son, Levon Kocharyan, congratulated Bella Kocharyan's mother on her Facebook page.

"Happy birthday to my strong mama," he wrote.

Today Bella Kocharyan turns 66 years old.
31-01-2020, 18:21
Two people with confirmed coronavirus have been found in Russia. Both are citizens of China.

This was reported by TASS news agency citing Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

"Respotebnadzor staff have discovered two new strains of coronavirus in Russia - in the Trans-Baykal region and in Tyumen.

They are under strict medical supervision, isolated, and in need of assistance. They are both Chinese citizens, ”Deputy Prime Minister Golikova said.
31-01-2020, 18:17
After the famous story of Nikol Pashinyan's pen, former NSS director Arthur Vanetsyan wrote in his Twitter microblog:
"I think after yesterday's press conference and today's pen story, the ruling party should consider nominating a new prime minister from its ranks for national security reasons."

We had written about who Vanetsyan meant when he said that the government should elect a new prime minister. We are talking about Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, who is more or less an adequate figure of power. After our news, there were heated discussions in the ruling team and Avinyan was isolated in recent days.
31-01-2020, 18:06
The Ministry of Emergency Situations informs that on January 31, at 21:34, the roads in the territory of Armenia are mainly passable.

Vardenis Pass is difficult to pass for all types of cars.

Snow is raining in the Amasia and Akhuryan regions of Shirak marz, Maralik, Artik, Charentsavan, Hrazdan, Aparan in Aragatsotn marz, Chambarak of Gegharkunik marz, Tashir of Lori marz, Stepanavan, Spitak region. There is a snowstorm in Ashotsk and Amasia regions of Shirak province, in Akhuryan village.

According to information provided by the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Emergency Situations Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Stepantsminda-Lars highway is closed to all types of vehicles.

According to information from the RF Emergency Situations Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, there are 90 trucks and 20 passenger cars on the Russian side.
31-01-2020, 17:56
Aries. Be careful about the details, as they depend on the further development of the very important things for you. When making any character changes, start with small steps that will avoid unjustified risk and avoid unnecessary stress. There may be some financial gain, old debt repayment.

The emotional field is stable. You will not have to worry about problems. To your close ones, your outdoor relaxation will look amazing. They will try to provoke you in every possible way.

Taurus. It's a good day to start new things, provided they aren't complicated or boring. Engage your supporters in the work, their initial support will be very appropriate, and you will be able to make a head of yourself later.

Your patience today will simply delight. You will be quiet about the troubles, the thoughtless steps of your loved ones, and the critical comments you make. Today only children will be able to kick you out, and quite by accident.

Twins: It's a successful, promising and exciting day. Suitable for business meetings, communication with influential people, career development and salary increase. Start new things only if you are sure that you will be able to finish them yourself. Those who will support you first will have to deal with their own problems later on.

Interesting meetings are possible. Although you will make a good impression on new acquaintances, you will not be particularly sympathetic to them, and you will not give meaning to flatteries.

Cancer. Today you will have to deal with a number of complicated and boring tasks. Supporters will only support you morally. Unforeseen costs are possible and significant penalties are not excluded. You can make small purchases.

You try to surround your relatives at all costs, but if you lose your sense of size, it can be a source of outrage, so be prepared, a load of charges is expected. In any dispute you will find immediate reconciliation, otherwise you will face the most serious problem.
20-12-2019, 16:54
"We have been claiming for two years that my father or we have no intention of obstructing, nor is there any testimony in the case that we would like it to change. The only disagreement with the testimony that my father has spoken about is Ashot Karapetyan's sentence. ”

Speaking to reporters today, Levon Kocharyan, Robert Kocharyan's son, made reference to a video released by the Police yesterday, in which Robert Kocharyan's aide offered to give testimony in the March 1 case.

In response to our question whether he ruled out that it could have happened without any effect, as described, Levon Kocharyan said: "I cannot exclude or confirm anything, I can exclude only that we have nothing to do with it because it is not its purpose."