7-02-2020, 20:21
Saint Sarkis, a soldier with his son Martiros and 14 brave warriors, was killed for the sake of the Christian faith. For Courage Sarkis is ruled by the Emperor Constantine the Great in Cappadocia bordering Armenia. He was not only an excellent commander, but also a great preacher. Taking advantage of the Emperor's willingness, in the cities under his control, he demolishes the monasteries, builds churches, and spreads Christianity.

St. The celebration of Sarkis the Commander in Armenia is not only celebrated by church ritual, prayer, but also by folk customs, which is a sacred tradition in us. St. Sarkis' commander is the youthful supplicant of the youth. With his mediation miracles happen. On that day the young men pray to the Holy One to bring their prayers to God.
7-02-2020, 20:05
Member of the 2nd convocation National Assembly, Taron Sahakyan, RA Government's Special Representative to the Government of the Russian Federation from 2000-2003, claims that there was a coup attempt by former National Security Service (NSS) Director Arthur Vanetsyan.

     “The statement made by the NSS that they have no information or facts that Vanetsyan was leading a coup in the country is untrue. I have reported the crime to the National Security Service, I have presented facts in a number of episodes related to the demolition of the City Hall of Yerevan, as well as drug dealing. I assert that Mr. Vanetsyan had organized a coup and that the facts were presented to me by the NSS. It would be good if the Prime Minister of the republic accepted me and listened to me, "Taron Sahakyan told" First News ".
7-02-2020, 19:43
As we have already reported, 3 servicemen died in snowstorm in Syunik region today, and another serviceman was injured.

According to ArmDaily.am, contract soldiers were shifting from combat positions, but strong winds caused a snowstorm that caused an accident. The servicemen remained in the snow for several meters. According to our information, the wounded soldier's condition is stable, his leg injured.
7-02-2020, 19:36
Republican Party leader, former Prime Minister of Armenia Aram Sargsyan writes on his Facebook page:

“Dear Constitutional Court Judges, Following the changes in the political situation in Armenia in 2018, the legislative and executive power, given the decades-old constitutional court negative attitude to the public, I find it a political necessity to have a new CC, which may not exclude some of you Presence, like many in the executive and judicial branches, continues to hold office.

The authorities have tried their best, even allowing you to leave voluntarily through vulnerable suggestions in public perceptions. You still have the opportunity today, not to stop the country with an obvious outcome dilemma and to leave with dignity. Almost all of the parties in Armenia and the three parties represented in the National Assembly are in favor of changing the composition of the Constitutional Court, only opposing the modifications.

The former are in favor of you staying away from assessing the political situation correctly, but you are being urged to stay in a trench from which they came out first. Understanding, too, your interference with your private life, your methods of forcing you to make a decision by police, and yet I find that the state will be overwhelmed by artificial opposition and shocks.

Your departure is neither a retreat nor a defeat; it is simply a necessity that is much more worthy of recognition than resisting for a while. ”
7-02-2020, 19:33
Yesterday the representatives of the ruling party in the National Assembly did their best to convince the public that they are sincere and are going to usurp the CC power for the sake of the people.

"My Step" MP Sasun Mikaelyan made emotional speech; “I want to look at what happened in Armenia from another point of view. For 20 years, the previous government has seized power from the people. The Constitutional Court has been punishing the decisions of the previous government for 20 years, and this people have smelled blood from this hall, no matter how adorned, flat, long, oval. Seeing the blood of Karen Serobich, I swore to them that the end would come. Go, your blood on this earth will not be shed, and the world will turn, and you will not come to power. Whatever you have demolished during these years, let this people build, ”Mikayelyan declared.
7-02-2020, 19:24
Garnik Isagulyan, the leader of the National Security Party, called for a quick parallel government during a press conference at the Mirror Club. The speaker also touched upon the draft constitutional amendments.

Let us remind that yesterday the National Assembly adopted a decision on holding a referendum on the constitutional amendments.
7-02-2020, 19:22
As we have already reported, 3 servicemen died and one more was injured in a snowstorm in Syunik region today.

According to blog.news-on.online, contract soldiers were shifting from combat positions, but strong winds caused a snowstorm, causing an accident. The servicemen remained in the snow for several meters. According to our information, the wounded soldier's condition is stable, his leg injured.

It should be reminded that the contracted servicemen found in the snow were ordinary Karapet Sedraki Nazaryan (born 1991, in the armed forces from 2018, Kashatagh FC), junior sergeant Tigran Armen Arzumanyan (born 1994, 2018). , Syunik IFC) and Junior Sergeant Nver Tigran Shahbazyan (born 1995, in the Armed Forces since 2018, Syunik IFC).
31-01-2020, 19:38
By the decision of the Chief Investigator of Gegharkunik Provincial Investigation Department of Gegharkunik Regional Criminal Investigation Department, a criminal case was initiated on the basis of Article 242, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code (car accident that negligently caused human death).

  According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the aforementioned criminal case was opened on January 29 in a major and tragic car accident in Gegharkunik region.
31-01-2020, 19:30
"According to the perception of the former government, the CC is their last bastion, which they are trying to maintain at all costs," said Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Diaspora, Youth and Sport.

According to him, it is not Hrayr Tovmasyan who tries to keep him at all costs, though he often says "I stand in the trenches and defend", but also other forces.

"I am convinced that if he had done so, he would have gone a long way. But if we talk about this solution and the problem of the Constitutional Court, as I have previously expressed this opinion, now I repeat: There is no alternative, Hrayr Tovmasyan has to go, and in the near future, the problem will find its solution. Constitutional Court issue resolved in 2018 by revolution. If you are the architect of reproduction of any system, of any person, by refusing the revolution itself you are also rejected. I insist that Hrayr Tovmasyan is a prominent representative of the system rejected by the revolution, "Hayrapetyan said.
31-01-2020, 19:15
An Armenian citizen returned from China was driven from one of the polyclinics in Yerevan and continued to interact with him from the opposite side of the window. He told local journalists about it.
Commenting on the incident, Armenian Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan confessed that he was very surprised and that such behavior by the polyclinic doctors was unacceptable.

“Such things are unacceptable. The medical staff should be diagnosed and treated. I hope that this is just a unique case and not of a widespread nature, ”he said.