8-02-2020, 06:05
Aram Vardevanyan's wife of Kocharyan supporters has her "unique place" in PreGomesh. Time
Zhamanak daily writes: “Studying the demographic composition of Robert Kocharyan's supporters, we come to the conclusion that it contains exclusively relatives, employees of sons' institutions, bodyguards.

It turns out that Kocharyan's defenders also have deep business interests. Thus, according to some reports, Aram Vardevanyan's wife, Arevik Udumyan, has a "special place" in Sirusho's "PreGomesh" brand. They work together on the search for and selection of jewelry patterns. It is well known that a separate PreGomes jewelry store has recently opened in the US. "
8-02-2020, 02:56
Friends of Armenian people alarm about Nikol Pashinyan's policy and its dangers
8-02-2020, 02:36
According to the Chief of General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, the causes of the accidents in the army are hidden in the society.

YEREVAN, February 7 - Sputnik. The names of the demobilized officers in connection with the death of conscript Vahram Avagyan are not disclosed because they were not criminally charged but subject to disciplinary sanctions. Artak Davtyan, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, told reporters, who visited the National Assembly and met with members of the Investigative Committee on the Investigation of the April War.

On January 30, a military investigation into the death of Vahram Avagyan was carried out in the military unit N of the Defense Army, during which it was determined that a number of senior officers, including the deputy commander for the moral and psychological security of the military unit, had been reinforced by the divisional commander.
8-02-2020, 02:35
Prior to marriage, they will have access to free laboratory diagnostic research in primary care.

"Improvement in births is conditioned by health. The whole purpose of the program is to help improve fertility and also to treat infertility," said Leylie Aslanyan, head of the Shirak Regional Health and Social Care Department.
8-02-2020, 02:19
Prior to marriage, they will have access to free laboratory diagnostic research in primary care.

"Improvement in births is conditioned by health. The whole purpose of the program is to help improve fertility and also to treat infertility," said Leylie Aslanyan, head of the Shirak Regional Health and Social Care Department.
8-02-2020, 02:10
Do Business!" Arthur Sakunts
Head of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor office, human rights activist Arthur Sakunts wrote on his Facebook page: "According to WikiLeaks publications, during Serzh Sargsyan's defense there was a shipment of weapons from Bulgaria to Armenia and then Iraq to Iraq.

According to your former boss, the NSS is dealing with an alert as an alert.
8-02-2020, 00:59
Iranologist Vardan Voskanyan wrote on his Facebook page: "During his meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister, the dictator of Baku made statements that are, in essence, an attempt to openly interfere in Armenia's internal affairs.

As the modern world say, it has dried up by insisting that it is precisely Armenia that should interfere in the internal affairs of the artificial formation of Azerbaijan and other processes involved therein, in different dimensions.

But no, like the spectators of ancient Greek theater, we expect everything to be solved by the appearance of "deux ex machina", while in monotheism there can be no gods, moreover by mechanical means. "
7-02-2020, 23:24
For over 95 years the cause of Vladimir Lenin's death has been kept secret. This was a secret that very few knew about. Many theories of death have been put forward for decades.

Thus, it was believed that Lenin's death could have been angina, atherosclerosis, or severe malaria. The real cause of death was only discovered at the end of the 20th century after studying his diary. The cause of death was not so obvious.

Neurologist Valeriy Novoselov turned to Lenin's diaries, which had been kept secret for 75 years. Their confidentiality was only removed in 1999. No one had ever studied these historical documents because no one knew about them. This information was kept secret by both historians and physicians.

After reading the diary, Novoselov and his colleagues found that Lenin's death was due to syphilis. He came to this conclusion based on information about the stages of the illness and their duration. The doctor noted that at the beginning of the 20th century syphilis was a very common disease throughout Europe and Russia. One example is Germany's Hamburg, where around one in five men suffered from the disease after World War I.

It is known that after the civil war this disease affected more than 8 million Russians. To make matters worse, the disease was transmitted even during everyday contact.

The disease gradually progressed and became severe neurosis. Doctors advised such patients to work less and to avoid getting too tired. This was an unfulfilled condition for Lenin, as he was in charge of all the rule of a vast country. Because of this, she was always suffering from migraines. At the same time, chronic insomnia also developed.

The doctors were definitely aware of his health. In any case, he was treated by experienced specialists such as Vladimir Bechterov, Vasily Kramer and many other doctors.
7-02-2020, 23:11
The footage shot by ATS shows a dead and deserted picture of China's Uhan.

The city, which is the epicenter of a new type of coronavirus outbreak, has been isolated since January 23.
7-02-2020, 22:55
Today, on February 7, a tragic incident occurred in Lori region. At 19:40, the Tumanyan Police Department received an alert from Alaverdi Medical Center that a resident of Sanahin Sararart III, Alaverdi, 82, Nina A., a resident of Alaverdi City, was taken to the hospital with a right-sided fracture, according to Nina A., 82, According to reports from his son, Varuzhan N., the injury was caused by falling on the street.

According to Shamshyan.com, shortly thereafter, a senior operative in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Tumanyan Police Department was arrested. Paranyan received operative information that Nina A. was hit by a Nissan Murano 34T Q 634 car driven by Gagik Shahnazaryan, a 60-year-old resident of Alaverdi, at about 6:30 pm in the backyard of their building the same day. and G. Tumanyan, who was summoned to the police station. Shahnazaryan confessed that he had run over.

Around 21:15 Tumanyan police department received another alarm from Alaverdi Medical Center that Nina A. died at the hospital around 8:55 pm. Materials are being prepared in the Tumanyan Investigation Department of the Lori Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigation Committee.

C. Shahnazaryan was released with his signature, and the car was taken to a special protected area of ​​the Tumanyan police station. According to the source, Dr. Shahnazaryan works at Akhtala Ore Processing Plant as head of the foreign relations department.