8-02-2020, 08:06
The death toll from coronavirus in China has reached 722
The death toll from pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCoV coronavirus in China has reached 722, according to the State Committee on Hygiene and Health.

Uman, the epicenter of the disease, has reported the first deaths among foreign nationals. Reuters reports citing the US Embassy in China that the first death of a US citizen has been recorded.

Out of China, two deaths from the new virus have been registered outside of China - in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Total number of infected worldwide reaches 34,872 and 1,568 patients treated
8-02-2020, 07:56
The criminal case against former military serviceman David Sarabashyan has been completed in Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

According to Donnews.ru, this was reported by the press service of the RF Penitentiary.

Sarabashyan is charged with five counts of rape and one unsuccessful assault.

He was arrested on suspicion of killing 25-year-old Margarita Kuzminova.

On October 16, 2018, the girl left the Rostov-on-Don residential complex and disappeared.
8-02-2020, 07:41
Oleg Drachev, a 40-year-old resident of the Domodedovo city of Mermskov, killed his 13-year-old son, Ilya.

The man told law enforcement that he "did not want to leave the child without a father," fearing that the mother would not be able to raise the boy alone.
8-02-2020, 07:29
"People" ․ Hayk Marutyan was told in My Step that his wife would no longer interfere in the mayor's affairs. Details
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Zhoghovurd daily writes: According to Zhoghovurd daily, a remarkable incident took place between the Yerevan City Council's "My Step" faction and Mayor Hayk Marutyan, who was the mayor's wife, a Czech national, Ivan.

The point is that after Marutyan's election as mayor, she has become quite active in her husband's affairs and even spends most of her time in the municipality.
8-02-2020, 07:25
The NSS has revealed a case of officials inflicting significant damage on the state.

A statement released by the NSS in this regard reads:

"The RA National Security Service, committed to upholding the principle of eradicating various manifestations of corruption, responding to it within the framework of the functions entrusted to it by law, as early as 2019. In February 2009, a number of high-profile cases of abuse of power by officials of the RA State Revenue Committee were revealed as a result of operative-investigative measures and investigative actions initiated by the RA NSS Investigation Department in connection with the abuse of official authority.
8-02-2020, 06:50
Saint Sarkis, a soldier with his son Martiros and 14 brave warriors, was killed for the sake of the Christian faith. For Courage Sarkis is ruled by the Emperor Constantine the Great in Cappadocia bordering Armenia. He was not only an excellent commander, but also a great preacher. Taking advantage of the Emperor's willingness, in the cities under his control, he demolishes the monasteries, builds churches, and spreads Christianity.

St. The celebration of Sarkis the Commander in Armenia is not only celebrated by church ritual, prayer, but also by folk customs, which is a sacred tradition in us. St. Sarkis' commander is the youthful supplicant of the youth. With his mediation miracles happen. On that day the young men pray to the Holy One to bring their prayers to God.
8-02-2020, 06:46
At the end of the working day, NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan had not yet sent the RA NA draft law on referendum on making amendments to the Constitution. Pursuant to Article 206 of the Constitution, the President shall designate a referendum within a three-day period following that decision. Taking into account that the decision was adopted in the National Assembly on February 6, it means that a referendum day should be appointed in the next two days. And the referendum day, according to the Constitution, must be no earlier than fifty, not later than 65 days after the referendum. In the near term, the referendum will be held either on the last Sunday of March or one of the first two Sundays of April.
8-02-2020, 06:27
"Fact" daily writes: “As it is known, the head of the Urban Development Committee Vahagn Vermishyan was arrested for receiving a large amount of bribe. The Prime Minister described the incident as "sad on the one hand, offensive, but on the other hand, a happy event."

Sad and offensive is understandable, and a joyous event, "because if there was anyone in Armenia who doubts the will of the government to root out corruption, now they will understand, everything is much more serious."

According to "Fact" newspaper, the candidacy of Deputy Chairman of the Urban Development Committee Armen Ghularyan is being discussed, amongst others, as Vermishyan's replacement. If he is indeed appointed, it will be a remarkable decision in the sense that he is, so to speak, "former."
8-02-2020, 06:19
Heavy snow is expected throughout the republic on the evening of February 8 and in the morning of February 9, in the mountainous regions - snowstorm, low visibility. Almost all highways in the republic will be covered with ice.
In the territory of the Republic:

Precipitation is expected in most of the regions on February 7-9, in most parts of the region, on the 10th in the southern regions, and in all regions from the evening of February 8, in the form of snow. No precipitation is expected on February 11-12.

Wind southwest - 8-10 m / sec, on February 7th Winds are expected to increase to 25-30 m / sec.

The air temperature will gradually drop by 18-20 degrees on February 8-11.
8-02-2020, 06:14
The baby girl was born on 02.02.2020 at 20:02
This newborn baby has become famous worldwide thanks to her birthday. Charlie Rose Master was born on February 2, 2020, 20:02 in Lexington, Kentucky.

He was born rarely on the date of 02.02.2020. The previous return date was 909 years ago on 11/11/11.

But the symbolism is not over with the date and time alone. The delivery lasted 20 minutes. This is also very surprising, since the birth of ancestors usually takes hours.