8-02-2020, 10:00
RA NA MP Hovik Aghazaryan declares: “Lawyers have become lawyers today. The lawyers were just mediators of judges and defendants ... "

The gentle breeze was blowing ...
Rabbi, you, being a lawyer, you still didn't think you were going to overthrow the constitutional order one day. But in any case, before saying such a thing, at least tell the people how many mediators and adjudicators you have identified in the past two years. If you have not discovered, then you are either unable or unwilling or unable.
8-02-2020, 09:51
A video of a dog crossing the street has received a serious response online. Users were fascinated by the behavior of the clever animal.

The video filmed at the intersection of Halabyan-Arzumanyan Streets in Yerevan has been the subject of serious discussion on Facebook. The strolling dog exclusively in the green light and crossing the street was a delight to everyone.

"Dear camaraderie pedestrians, watch this video and follow up," the author wrote.
8-02-2020, 09:33
According to 168.am reliable sources, NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan will not submit a draft constitutional amendment in the coming days to secure the signature of Armenian President Armen Sargsyan.

"PACE responses have soured the authorities, and they are now considering options to cancel or delay the referendum they have initiated. And if the judges of the Constitutional Court do not file dismissal applications in the coming days, then the "My Step" faction will send a draft constitutional amendment to Venice, delaying the referendum indefinitely. "
8-02-2020, 09:26
Sos Janibekyan, you don't have to be the most prominent guy in the power box.

You, Sos, are not mentally retarded, nor are you unaware of the panic. Therefore, you may not know that when you mention:

"... some counter-revolutionaries, whether they are prestigious for some mothers or not, will be from the former authorities or not, will be from the former authorities ...",

and you call the people you mentioned:
8-02-2020, 09:05
Although coronavirus is infecting more and more people every day, there have been no cases of children under 15 as of January 22. According to scientists, children may be more intolerant or more easily susceptible to the virus.

Since January 22, several separate cases of child infection have been reported. In Beijing, a 9-month-old child was infected, in Germany - one child was infected by his father, another child was infected in Shenzhen. Although the virus has been detected, no symptoms have been found. Source: http://yn.am/?index&p=101713&l=am
8-02-2020, 09:00
Nikol Pashinyan's statement that their aim is to have a Constitutional Court that guarantees democracy, the rule of law, the rule of law, the political scientist considers populist.
 08.02.2020 |: 12:28 292 Reading time: 1 minute

Political scientist Stepan Danielyan, referring to the decision of the RA National Assembly to refer the draft of the constitutional amendments to the GALA's "On Importance" report, noted that neither Nikol Pashinyan nor the ruling party MPs were able to present any political or legal justification. why did they initiate this process?
8-02-2020, 08:50
Anush Garsantsyan, accused of child adoption, will remain in custody.

The Criminal Court of Appeal yesterday rejected the Prosecutor's appeal against the decision to release Garsantsyan while satisfying the Defender's appeal.

Larsine Martirosyan, a lawyer for Garsantsyan, explained in a conversation with the AF that the Court of First Instance, on December 20, 2019, granting a preliminary injunction against Garsantsyan as a precautionary measure, recorded a reasonable suspicion, but at the same time allowed a plea bargain. application. Thus, Garsantsyan was released on bail of 5 million drams. The Office of the Prosecutor filed an appeal against the decision to release and the Defendant against reasonable suspicion.

8-02-2020, 08:41
Pashinyan's joke about Tigran Mukuchyan is circulating on the Internet
In 2013, when CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan presented a report on the presidential election in Armenia, opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan told the following anecdote to emphasize distrust.
8-02-2020, 08:33
We have had a few publications about the complaints of the former oligarch, businessman Samvel Alexanyan, who has become a businessman after the revolution. The fact that he is no longer in touch with Pashinyan and reads ballads of remorse among his former peers.

We have heard that he is seeking an open political new asylum, is in close contact with Gagik Tsarukyan and assured the latter that if he suddenly decides to stage mass protests against the government, he will take people to the streets.
8-02-2020, 08:10
Nikol Pashinyan will demand Armen Sargsyan's resignation ...
On February 6, the majority of the National Assembly decided to put the draft constitutional amendments it had authored for a referendum. Lawyers have already assessed the draft as unconstitutional and expressed confidence that co-authors and executives will be condemned for failing the constitutional order under the next government.

The ruling majority in the National Assembly has taken its anti-constitutional move. Now the ball is in the court of President Armen Sargsyan. Within three days after receiving the draft he must either sign it and refer it to the Constitutional Court, or he may submit it to the Constitutional Court to determine whether the draft is in compliance with the RA Constitution.

Armen Sargsyan is facing a difficult choice. Chief Executive Nikol Pashinyan is trying his best to put pressure on President Armen Sargsyan. The speech of the Prime Minister of the National Assembly was intended to suppress the President in particular. "And I want to say that all those people who will try to bring legal or other obstacles to the free expression of the people of the people will be adequately rebuffed as anti-democratic, anti-democratic and anti-state forces. And those who accept the supreme authority of the people, the supreme right of the people, will become devotees of the future of Armenia. "