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"Nikol's texts in the villages mean something like this." Ruben Mkhitaryan
April 19
Director, producer Ruben Mkhitaryan wrote on his Facebook page. "Nicole's lyrics in the villages are almost like a flight attendant entering the cabin of a plane and saying," Dear passengers, now you will be offered the most expensive alcoholic beverages, all the best seafood, you can eat, drink, walk in the salon, dance, sing, In general, do whatever you can think of ... Just do what you do, do it quickly, all the engines of the plane have broken down, we are falling. ”
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The leader of Armenia is a liar. we offer b ...
If you analyze all our statements, you can see that the ANC has never made any statement in support of Nikol Pashinyan or his government. The vice-chairman of the Armenian National Congress party Levon Zurabyan said this in a conversation with "Azatutyun".
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New details from the car accident on Vanadzor-Stepanavan highway
As we have already informed, on April 18, an accident took place on the Vanadzor-Stepanavan highway in Lori region. Ashot Ghazaryan, 34, a resident of Bazum village, in his VAZ-2121 car, collided with a Mitsibishi Pajero, driven by 68-year-old Armen Amirkhanyan, a resident of Vanadzor, and a Volkswagen, driven by 43-year-old Hmayak Gabrielyan, a resident of Urut village, Lori region.

According to Shamshyan.com, Mitsibishi overturned as a result of the accident. A. Ghazaryan was taken to Vanadzor Military Hospital with bodily injuries, and his passengers, 57-year-old Anahit Evan, a resident of Bazum village, Vanadzor residents, 11-year-old Inesa A., 15-year-old Alisa A. The resident of the village, 59-year-old Arsen Ghazaryan, 57-year-old Karine Ghazaryan, the latter are sister and brother, were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center with bodily injuries. H. was also taken to the mentioned medical center. Gabrielyan, his passengers, residents of Urut village, 38-year-old Tehmine Gabrielyan, 16-year-old Anna G., 15-year-old Lianna G.
18-04-2021, 19:10
On April 17, within the framework of his regional visit, Pashinyan visited Vayots Dzor, among other institutions, and visited cemeteries where an incident took place. Pashinyan tried to lay flowers at the grave of one of the victims of the 44-day war, but the victim's relative did not allow him, explaining that he had that right. On the way back, Pashinyan again approached the grave of the victim, but the latter's relative said that Pashinyan's government not only did not help him find his relative, but also hindered him. In the end, he added that if Pashinyan finds an answer to let the children of the victim come. Pashinyan simply said, be well, he left stubbornly. This incident is not reflected in the videos published by either Pashinyan or his teammates. It is clear that this incident is beyond the logic of glorifying Pashinyan's person's case, the citizen did not shout here, "Dear Prime Minister, we are by your side until the end", therefore, it should have been edited.
What happened proves that the society has already come out of the general euphoric coma, showing Pashinyan և his worthy place on his backpacks. Pashinyan does not hesitate to use the graves of the victims for his pre-election PR.
The campaign for the upcoming snap elections has not started yet, but Pashinyan and his backpacks have started the pre-election campaign. They go to the regions, shamelessly have meetings with the relatives of the victims, forgetting that yesterday, during his speech in the National Assembly, Pashinyan used the phrase "plus-minus 50 victims" when talking about the number of victims.
18-04-2021, 18:46
Today our camera recorded that the "Grande" cafe in front of the Vardan Achemyan Drama Theater in Gyumri, which was closed, is provided to the "National Voice" party founded by Mher Armenia. It was clear from the glass windows that it was crowded and lively.

One of the most expensive offices in the city, where the "Yes" headquarters was once located, is provided to the "Reviving Armenia" party founded by the former governor of Syunik Vahe Hakobyan.
18-04-2021, 18:35
"About ten years ago, a well-known Turkish historian visited Antelias to meet with me about the case of the Sis Catholicosate and then give a lecture on the genocide. My father found out about the visit from the Voice of Van radio station. We were in a meeting with the visiting historian when the phone rang and my father said angrily, "What is the Turk doing in Antelias?" I replied, saying that this Turk was not like other Turks, he had the courage to write a book about the genocide to the Armenian people and to defend our cause. My father answered, saying: "My son, a Turk is a Turk. No matter what he does, speaks or writes, he should not trust the Turk."

After turning off the phone, I told the historian about my father's strong reaction to his visit. He said, "I understand your father's outburst, the older generation thinks so." I immediately added: "Also the new generation, as long as Turkey continues its denial and anti-Armenian policy."
18-04-2021, 18:06
Today, on April 18, by the order of Vruyr Gabrielyan, the commander of the 3rd platoon of the 1st officer battalion of the Traffic Police, the driver of the BMW car was brought to administrative responsibility by the inspector of the same platoon.

According to Shamshyan.com, while on duty on Mashtots Avenue, traffic police officers noticed that several "boxes" were escorting the BMW without a license plate, after which the traffic police officers stopped the column and the BMW driver between the "boxes". to activate ".

RA Traffic Police Chief Yegor Karapetyan and Yerevan Traffic Police Chief Khachik Samvelyan have repeatedly urged drivers to follow traffic rules, remove license plates from cars and even if offending drivers hide in a Titanic, a Boeing submarine. , all the same, they will be found to be held administratively liable, like the driver of the BMW who was fined today.
18-04-2021, 17:48
Nerses Nersisyan was the absolute world champion in Eastern sports, he died heroically the day before his 20th birthday, managing to save the lives of some of his comrades-in-arms.

Champions do not die, they enter to conquer the heavens ("Champions do not die, they go to conquer heaven") ․ With the tattoo on his arm the day before leaving for the army, the father recognized the body of his eldest son, Nerses. The boy was heroically killed by an air bomb on October 25 in Martuni, just hours before he turned 20. The family found out that Nerson had gone to conquer the sky on his birthday, October 26 ...
18-04-2021, 17:43
The bloody horror opened! These are the ones who are being tried right now
18-04-2021, 17:26
"It is the turn of the visitors to the" park "in Baku, and in our country the term of the army is being reduced." Raffi Aslanyan (video)