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8-05-2021, 07:03
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "The agreement of the leader of the" My Step "faction Lilit Makunts to be appointed RA Ambassador to the USA has been received for several weeks, that is, the American government has agreed to accept him. He is also waiting for the release of the National Assembly to leave for Washington.

As Makunts' nomination for the post of Armenia's ambassador to the United States caused outrage among Foreign Ministry veterans, the government decided to establish a "ceasefire" with Foreign Ministry's embassy candidates, Ruben Kharazyan (who has worked at the Foreign Ministry for almost 30 years). ) was appointed RA Ambassador to Turkmenistan. In the near future, several professionals like him will be appointed. The government also promised not to rudely interfere in the internal affairs of this established institution.
8-05-2021, 07:00
Yerjan Municipality spokesman Hakob Karapetyan wrote on his Facebook page. "On the evening of May 7, an extremely unacceptable and condemnable incident took place on Margaryan Street (Ajapnyak). Some people, in gross violation of the notion of legality and human decency, have cut down four viable large trees in the community area.
The offenders allegedly intended to occupy the area in order to carry out some economic activity on it in the future.
8-05-2021, 06:38
As expected, these authorities turned the coronavirus vaccination into a show. During this time, various officials are being vaccinated in front of the cameras, turning the process into a reality show.

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also became part of the show. The other day he shared a video on his Facebook page և wrote: "Anna and I were vaccinated against coronavirus today. We call on our citizens to actively apply to polyclinics and get vaccinated.

"I draw attention to the fact that there is a high probability that in the second half of 2021, leading countries will impose restrictions on the entry of unvaccinated citizens," Pashinyan said.
Interestingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the vaccination in front of the cameras a "monkey".
8-05-2021, 06:35
3 Azeris stabbed Armenian lawyer Anna Hakobyan in the Netherlands. They were arrested on the spot
Our Armenian lawyer Anna Hakobyan was stabbed by three Azerbaijani Turks in the Netherlands today. Vahe Balbabyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

He, in particular, noted. "He is currently undergoing surgery at the hospital. The situation is not clear yet. The dogs were arrested on the spot. "

Later he added: "UPDATE. One of our friends talked to Anna, the operation was completed successfully, Anna is still weak, but I am sure everything will be fine. "God be with you, dear Anna," he wrote
8-05-2021, 06:16
International expert Suren Sargsyan wrote on his Facebook page. "On the need to recognize Artsakh

Do you know what Ali is most afraid of? Yes, from the possible recognition of Artsakh. Because the war he unleashed will be considered a greater defeat by his own people than the one he suffered in the first war in Artsakh.
1. Recognition of Artsakh as an instrument of international pressure can impose many things on Ali. From the return of the captives, to sitting at the negotiating table, making serious concessions, for example in the case of Hadrut.
2. Armenia must take the first step. Our then international recognition should hang over Ali's head like a Damoclis gladius.
3. Going to war, Ali "satisfied" two of the three principles. First, in his opinion, he restored territorial integrity, used force, and then, by threatening to use force, received more than was available to him under the preliminary negotiations.
8-05-2021, 06:13
mshyan.com. Between 06:30 and 07:30, the operative control center of the Yerevan City Police Department received a call that shots had been fired on Moldovakan Street in the Nor-Nork administrative district.
A man's body was found on the road near the 1st and 3rd buildings on Moldovakan Street.
Unexploded ordnance was found at the scene, as well as unidentified pistol shells. A Mercedes T 500 car was also found, in which a bit was found. At the moment, the investigation group of Atsvan և Nor-Nork administrative districts of the Yerjan city department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia, headed by the head of the department Vardan Avagyan, is working at the scene.
Regarding the fact, V. According to Avagyan, an investigation group was set up, a criminal case was initiated under Article 104, Part 1, and Article 235, Part 1. Գ. According to Shamshyan, one person from the mentioned place was taken to hospital with bodily injuries.
8-05-2021, 05:54
Commandos posthumously the National Hero of Armenia ...
Arkady Ter Tadevosyan, Commandos, was posthumously awarded the title of National Hero. This was reported by the Office of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

"Artush Tadjosyan (Arkady Ter-Tadjosyan, Commandos) - National Hero of Armenia
By the decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sargsyan, Major-General Artush Tadjosyan (Arkady Ter-Tadjosyan, Commandos) was posthumously awarded the Order of the Motherland for his exceptional services in the establishment, establishment, defense and security of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.
8-05-2021, 05:52
Watch it!
Who forms the PAP pre-election list, Gagik Tsarukyan or Nikol Pashinyan?
The "draft" of the PAP pre-election list is ready ․ Tsarukyan is also looking for new faces
Arsen Torosyan introduced the new director of the fake SNCO to the staff
Tsarukyan's proposal caused a great stir
Tsarukyan personally drafted the PAP election program
The cases of the murder of two young people near the "Partez" restaurant more than two years ago, which are connected with the name of Gagik Tsarukyan's son Nver Tsarukyan, remain unsolved. The preliminary investigation body called him for interrogation twice, but did not charge him.
8-05-2021, 05:27
Take your dirty hands away from Karabakh
Details from the incident between Sasun Mikaelyan and Suren Papikyan. They did not allow him to fight
"Let me be clear, there is nothing to hide, a Turk can take a person from the road at any moment." Sasun Mikaelyan about the Goris-Kapan road
The reality is that before the election, the capitulators started playing patriotism in front of their ashes
Ali insists that Syunik should take over, does that not give us a signal? Sasun Mikaelyan. Video
Yerevan.today writes. "Nikol Pashinyan has thought of ways to weaken the wave of the big political event expected on the day of the liberation of Shushi, which was handed over to the enemy. Late last night, when it became known that on May 9, the second president Robert Kocharyan, together with the old and new political forces supporting him, convened a large rally in Freedom Square, some government figures, it turns out, discussed marking the Day of May Victories in Yerablur. By organizing a march to divert the public's attention from the speeches in Freedom Square, on the other hand, they owe the tragic fact of the May victories and the non-existence of the Triple Holiday.
8-05-2021, 05:22
Pashinyan complained the most about Lena Nazaryan. "People"
"Zhoghovurd" daily writes. According to "Zhoghovurd" daily, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has been meeting with his team members separately for a long time. We learned from well-informed sources that Pashinyan is trying to find out from everyone who they think should be in the next parliament. And the native legislators mention names they want, one criticizes the other's work and announces who they are happy with and who they are dissatisfied with.

According to our sources, Pashinyan was most dissatisfied with NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan. Almost all his teammates insisted that Nazaryan did not work as a team in the parliament, was cut off from reality, and did not communicate with his teammates.