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8-05-2021, 22:11
"One day I will tell who escaped from the command post in the middle of the Shushi operation." Edgar Elbakyan
8-05-2021, 21:45
Today, the leader of Masyatsotn Diocese T. Bishop Gorg With Saroyan's blessing, St. Pastor of St. Thaddeus Church T. Rev. Mkhitar Aloyan visited the family of Gohar Artyom Arakelyan, a mother deported from Artsakh. The Father performed a blessing ceremony and then spoke with them.
The public will remember two-year-old Artyom in 2020. From the days of the Turkish-Azerbaijani terrorist war unleashed on September 27 against the Armenian Artsakh world as "the little one found by an Armenian soldier."
According to media reports, the mother and son were the last residents of the village of Getamej in the Kashatagh region, who were found and rescued by Armenian soldiers before the village passed to the enemy. After leaving Artsakh, the family found themselves in the city of Goris in uncertain conditions. And it was only due to the care and diligent efforts of Garik Stepanyan, a resident of Masis, that the Gohar Artyom Arakelyans settled in Masis on March 7 of this year.
8-05-2021, 21:26
In a conversation with ArmDaily.am, Serob Gasparyan, chairman of the "S. Panther" military-patriotic non-governmental organization, a participant in the Artsakh wars, referring to Commandos calling Arkady Ter-Tadjosyan a national hero, said that a person is glorified by the people.

"People are glorified by people. Commandos was a hero by nature և the whole nation, all Armenians, ten million knew that Commandos was a hero. I once said in my speech that the people who were defeated, who humiliated the Armenian nation, who knelt before the Turks, it is an insult to take the title of hero from their hands. Certainly Commandos would not take that title away from them. I did not do it myself, my brother was crucified in the first degree, my brother is a hero, the whole nation is talking about it. "I did not take it from them, Commandos would do the same," said Gasparyan.

Referring to the activities of YVU, he said that the word Yerkrapah means keeper of the country.
8-05-2021, 21:24
As we reported, after becoming the acting chairman of the BDK, Gagik Jhangiryan started a hit parade of meetings, from deputies to ministers, structures, visits courts, makes promises and so on. We also referred to the question why Jhangiryan does not visit the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan and if he does, that meeting should be open for media coverage, as before. We also mentioned that the judges of the Court of General Jurisdiction do not like Jhangiryan very much, because they are the ones who reject the motion for arrest.

After our publication, Jhangiryan started visiting the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, but in any case he avoided gathering everyone in one place and preferred to go to the residences. According to that, a few days ago Jhangiryan visited the Nor Nork residence of the Court of General Jurisdiction, where the judges gave him an "unforgettable meeting".
8-05-2021, 19:05
And if you make two pickup trucks, the terrorist adventurers will promise to liberate Boston and Melbourne.

And there is no one to ask Jiro during these slanders, oh my gosh, why didn't you reach the front when there was a fight?
8-05-2021, 19:00
The Armenian Ministry of Defense does not deal with the issue of Armenian captives in Azerbaijan. This became known to the deputies of the National Assembly from the written answer given by the Ministry of Defense.
It turns out that three independent deputies of the National Assembly, Vardan Atabekyan, Taguhi Tovmasyan and Anna Grigoryan, wrote to the Ministry of Defense requesting a meeting to discuss the issues related to the Armenian captives in Azerbaijan.

In response to the deputies' letter, the Ministry of Defense stated that the Ministry of Defense is not dealing with the issue of the return of prisoners, so the meeting proposed by the deputies was deemed inexpedient.
What turns out is that after the war, the Armenian Ministry of Defense, in the person of its decorative minister, carries out a mission of trouble rather than defense. He beats our soldiers at the border, from where they take Azerbaijan captive, and he declares that he does not deal with the issue of captives, moreover, he washes his hands of the problem. If it is not arming the army and especially the front line, and we see the terrible conditions in which our servicemen are keeping the post-war front, our positions have no military unit, no normal conditions and are sheltered in dilapidated tents, it is not dealing with prisoners. , so why use that structure?
8-05-2021, 18:57
It was hard to believe that something or someone could upset Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan, who during his tenure stood out not only as a professional, but also as a balanced and reserved person, that is, a highly educated person. , which is especially lacking in current officials. However, it turned out that Nikol Pashinyan's team pushed this considered official out of the shores and that fact was used against the government, it was Tatoyan's turn to kill Nikol Pashinyan and his lacotracy. After the war, the Human Rights Defender is the only body operating in Armenia. Tatoyan is doing a lot of work on demarcation, collecting the problems of border residents, capturing prisoners of war and post-war problems in general, and transferring them to international organizations. And it is natural that he should have deserved the thorn in the side of the Armenian-friendly Armenian authorities. During last year's report on the activities of the Human Rights Defender in the National Assembly, the authorities, represented by Turkish MP Maria Karapetyan, tried to tarnish Tatoyan's reputation, accusing him of not being impartial in political matters. They even accused him of media terror. should not protect officials from citizens, but the Human Rights Defender makes awareness-raising statements in the context of domestic violence ․ "It is difficult to claim that this is about state-citizen relations, but about the protection of human rights in general," said Karapetyan. The MP also added that the events of November 9, the assassination attempt on the Speaker of the Parliament, the failed coup attempt, the calls for violence sounded almost daily did not receive a worthy comment from the Human Rights Defender.
8-05-2021, 09:45
The man fled immediately after the shooting. People started calling the police and the ambulance.

YEREVAN, May 8 - Sputnik. There was a quarrel before the shootings in the 2nd block of Nor Nork early this morning. One of the residents of the adjacent building told Sputnik Armenia that around 7 o'clock he heard arguments and curses from the yard.

"A man was arguing with two other men ․ One of them was young, about thirty years old, the other was older. "The person who was arguing with those two suddenly pulled out his weapon and started firing," the eyewitness says.

The relatively young man fell to the ground after the shooting, and the other man was injured.
8-05-2021, 09:41
At one time, many did not realize that it was realistic to liberate so much territory, everything is a matter of time. Sasun Mikaelyan, the leader of the Yerkrapah Voluntary Union, said this today, May 8, in a conversation with journalists in Yerablur, talking about the possibility of liberating Shushi again.

"It comes from the organization of our country, our people, the strengthening of our army. Regardless of everything, we must support our army today, especially the Yerkrapahs, our army must be restored, and the rest is a matter for the future, so that no one should despair that we did not liberate Shushi.
8-05-2021, 07:28
The second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan made a post on his official Facebook page.

Kocharyan wrote. "See you tomorrow."