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9-05-2021, 05:58
Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan posted photos on her Facebook page and wrote ․

"Today, together with NA Deputy Speaker Lena Nazaryan, we visited the village of Aygevan, Armavir region, to the family of Vahan Aghakhanyan, a conscript who died in the war."
9-05-2021, 05:55
This morning Nikol Pashinyan visited Yerablur military pantheon. He was paying tribute to the memory of the killed servicemen, when the Tert.am journalist asked, "Mr. Pashinyan, with what conscience did you come to Yerablur?"

Pashinyan left the question unanswered, but after that the police officers, members of Pashinyan's bodyguard, his spokesperson Mane Gorgyan obstructed the journalist's work and did not allow him to film the part where Pashinyan is.
9-05-2021, 05:36
The French "Cap Coeur" children's choir performed Charles Aznavour's song "Pour toi Arménie" on France 3 TV. The French Embassy in Armenia published the video on its official Facebook page.

The choir performed during the TV show ․ Among the guests in the pavilion is the world-famous French-Armenian singer Patrick Fiori. This performance was obviously a surprise for him. The performance of the choir begins with the performance of duduk player Artyom Minasyan. From the first sounds of the duduk, Fiori shakes his head excitedly and shows the other guest of the show, the famous model Carla Bruni, the duduk in front of him, presenting what instrument sounds.
9-05-2021, 05:34
Near Stepanakert, the Russians stopped the cars of the Armenians so that the column of Azeris could pass. Public and political figure in Artsakh Bella Lalayan wrote about this on her Facebook page and attached a video.

According to Lalayan, the published video was made in the suburb of Stepanakert, at the intersection called "Zarin Bagh".

According to him, a convoy of Azerbaijani cars passes through this road several times a day.
9-05-2021, 05:11
One day I will tell who escaped from the command post in the middle of the operation in Shushi and who contacted him by radio and said, "Get up." Edgar Elbakyan
May 9:
One day I will tell who escaped from the command post in the middle of the operation in Shushi and who contacted him by radio and said, "Get up and take your place." Sorry, this is how I congratulate Shushi on the day of liberation. As is the reality, so is the congratulation.
The last defeat must force us to reveal all the folds of history, to rediscover it and not to build our identity and historical memory on the sand.
9-05-2021, 05:05
Smbat and his friends tortured to death after ceasefire (video)
9-05-2021, 04:45
The latest achievements of "Armenian diplomacy" are embossed in the eyes of Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin and Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already spoken out on such occasions on another occasion, so this time, he probably did not want to repeat (Lavrov. Debily, bldy. 11.08.15).
9-05-2021, 04:42
I learned yesterday that Patron Davo has sued me now. Patron Davo considers his "good reputation" "tainted" by my opinion in the film of the Russian RT TV channel. So, a person whose name is associated with the purchase of low-quality, useless weapons supplied to the army, about whom there is undeniable information published in the press, who is currently detained for the great damage done to the army, is "offended" by what I said.
8-05-2021, 22:45
The political struggle in Armenia is gaining momentum, the debate between the supporters and the opponents of the government is getting hotter and hotter. The columnist of Sputnik Armenia thinks about the main tendencies of the pre-election debates.

It is known that most people lie before the elections, during the war and after hunting. We will remember for a long time how we were deceived during the war. And since elections are coming soon, we must prepare as a nation for the torrent of lies of politicians aspiring to become deputies.

Some will promise to build Armenia from sea to sea, some will increase the country's population to 20 million, while others will swear that they will build a metro before Ijjan and bring an Olympic medal to the non-existent hockey team. In a word, we will not have a country, but a paradise.
8-05-2021, 22:30
The RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan referred to the recent incident in the National Assembly on Public TV, when NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan tried to clarify the issue with the Human Rights Defender in the hall after Tatoyan's reaction to the criticism of Maria Karapetyan speaking on behalf of the "My Step" faction.

"I do not want to touch upon it, the NA Speaker was expressing his disagreement or dissatisfaction, I said that the speech of the individual deputies, etc., all depended on the last speech on behalf of the faction. "It turned out that there was a veil of positive assurance, but the real position of the political power is completely different," he said.

According to Arman Tatoyan, no one can say that everyone praised the Human Rights Defender, but he criticized ․ "I do not work for someone to praise me or not."