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10-05-2021, 05:37
What happened to little Artyomik, known from the days of the war?
May 10:
Today, the leader of Masyatsotn Diocese T. Bishop Gorg With Saroyan's blessing, St. Pastor of St. Thaddeus Church T. Priest Mkhitar Aloyan visited the family of Gohar Artyom Arakelyan, a mother deported from Artsakh. The socialmedia.am website writes about this.
9-05-2021, 23:05
Listen, criminal Rob, you will fight your punishment alone ի՞նչ what are you doing ․․․ Scandalous broadcast
9-05-2021, 19:33
Nane Arzumanyan writes. I was in Yerablur with my family. I understood from the noise that it was a strange commotion. President Kocharyan was in Yerablur. He came with his son and bodyguards immediately after today's rally. The grieving parents shouted and asked why, there was no answer, the son was trying to explain something, but to no avail. Mr. Kocharyan, why did you come, what were you looking for, what emotions did you want to find out in the nightmare of buried emotions? We will not allow it.

What you did was enough to realize that you will never have a place again! Do not try to speak on behalf of the dead boys or organize anything on their behalf. Kocharyan, they do not accept you either, they curse you too, they curse you too. And I saw it today in Yerablur. You are guilty like everyone else in our mourning, you may be more to blame for our pain than the others ...
9-05-2021, 18:55
iPress.am- During his visit to Gegharkunik region, RA Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Tsovinar community, met with the residents. One of the community residents approached him and said ․ "Dear Pashinyan, my dear life, never be poor, you have been a king and you will remain."

Other residents of the community gave presents to the acting prime minister.
9-05-2021, 18:03
The future of Karabakh, to be honest, is rather vague, announced today at the rally in Freedom Square the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, who will lead the "Armenia" bloc.

"According to the signed agreement, in 4.5 years Azerbaijan can withdraw from the Russian peacekeeping troops. Have any of these authorities heard what they are doing in that direction, are they ready for such a scenario or not? A government that is the face of defeat cannot be an effective negotiator. It is impossible to negotiate with the enemy if you move on all fours, if you are standing on your knees. A government must come that is able to negotiate proudly with a professional way, to reach favorable solutions for Karabakh. We can do that, "Robert Kocharyan stated.
9-05-2021, 17:32
Excited G. Petrosyan at Kocharyan's gathering. Video
9-05-2021, 16:25
iPress.am - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference in Yerevan, commenting on Ali's threats to open the Zangezur Corridor by force. "As for the trilateral joint actions at the level of deputy prime ministers, this mechanism was established by the decision of the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan as a result of the January 11 meeting in Moscow.

And that mechanism presupposes agreements that can be exclusively voluntary, based on a mutually beneficial basis. And it in no way presupposes anything other than diplomatic agreements - solutions that will allow to completely unblock economic ties. "Any issue that may be contrary to the agreement reached by the three leaders, of course, can not be accepted as an alternative to everything that was agreed upon."
9-05-2021, 14:14
Nicole, Nicole. The people sacrificed under Nikol Pashinyan's feet a while ago. We are by your side (video)
9-05-2021, 13:21
Kocharyan is in Freedom Square ․ There are no casualties. The last time Kocharyan բառերը the words "Freedom Square" were used by the press in the same publication, it was about և 10 victims of March 1, 2008. Civic.am had already informed that Kocharyan and the bloc had gathered people in Freedom Square, and they were performing at the Grand Hotel Yerjan ․ The talk was broadcast over loudspeakers.
9-05-2021, 09:35
"Today is a triple holiday for our people, of which almost nothing is left. Of course, no one has the heart to celebrate that holiday as it has been celebrated for 29 years.

The celebrations of the victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War, the establishment of the Artsakh Defense Army and the liberation of Shushi were combined in one day, the MAY 9 council.

Today we can say for sure that it is a day of betrayal, patriotism, pro-Turkishness. Three years ago, in 2018. On May 8, 1945, in Armenia, under long-term pressure from the masses, the national forces were defeated by a traitorous, patriotic and pro-Turkish force.

2018 On May 8, 2021, betrayal, patriotism and Turkism won in Armenia. On May 9, 1945, in Shushi, the Turks destroyed the Armenian, handed over Hadrut and the rest of the territories to the Turks, where the Armenian was destroyed, the Defense Army became a ballast, From the Artsakh Defense Army).