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10-05-2021, 07:55
What trace did your son leave, Mr. Prime Minister, that you do not even read the name of the knight? The father of the killed soldier was upset by Pashinyan's behavior
May 10:
To the knowledge of the deserters of the government, the chief deserter, you are the missing who did not take the military oath.
Sergeant Karen Sasuni Badoyan, Knight of the Order of the Battle Cross of the First Degree Order, was killed by a direct blow from a flagpole, performing the task, saving the lives of three hundred comrades-in-arms.
What trace did your son leave, Mr. Prime Minister, that you do not even read the name of the knight?
You are doomed from above.
I have applied to the RA President, the Prime Minister, the NA Speaker, the Minister of Defense to be examined and given a corresponding assessment, but there is no one in my sight.
10-05-2021, 07:44
In Shamshadin, the enemy tried to take Anvakh ...
Former manager of the Prime Minister's Office Gorg Achemyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Two days ago I wrote that the Turks in Shamshadin (the axes are the same) tried to take the positions of the Fearless, but did not succeed, and that it is number one on both sides, up to the artillery. This news was confirmed once again by the servicemen who had contacted me minutes ago.

Chatlakh idiots (he is the speaker and minister of the Ministry of Defense, that's all), do not deceive, this time there is no one left. One thing is for sure, we will not allow you to provide services to those who usurp power by force and provocation. Do not believe it. This time it will not work. You have already exhausted all the resources of lies. We know from a thousand kilometers whether you are right or wrong. ”
10-05-2021, 07:12
Artsakh was led by Rustam Muradov on May 9 (Video)
10-05-2021, 07:02
Who can explain to us why some residents of Gegharkunik slaughter such a happy lamb under the feet of a madman, who greet him with salt and bread on the shore of Shan?

Ladies and gentlemen, are you aware that one day the boats of Ilham's Navy will fly under your nose in Lake Sanaa?

From Alen Ghulyan's Facebook page
10-05-2021, 06:29
Yesterday in Liberty Square the rally of Robert Kocharyan, "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" և "Reviving Armenia" bloc formed by "Hayastan" bloc. The government "platforms" hurried to announce some numbers of participants, which were so artificial that they became a subject of ridicule on social networks.

According to Past.am, the calculations of truly independent specialists, the police and the NSS are far from the data provided by the above-mentioned circles. According to our sources in the law enforcement system, according to the estimates of the police and the NSS, about 33 thousand people took part in the rally.
10-05-2021, 06:29
"I received a unique" gift "from Azerbaijan on the occasion of the May holidays." Nairi Hokhikyan
May 10:
Inter-ethnic conflict expert Nairi Hokhikyan wrote on his Facebook page. "I received a unique" gift "from Azerbaijan on the occasion of the May holidays ․
Temur Ali, a senior specialist at the Baku State Center for Strategic Studies, sent a letter on May 9 with the following text:
"Nairi Hokhikyan, you are a famous journalist, but you are a fascist. You, analyst Karen Hovhannisyan, MP Sofya Hovsepyan, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan, the other fascists will not be able to stop us. A criminal case has been initiated against you in Azerbaijan, և we warn you not to make such statements and actions that will contradict 2020 ․ to the November 9 announcement. You know very well that the next war will be in our favor. It is better for a poor man to have one horse than to have nothing. ”
These are classic formulations to intimidate or stop working people. The enemy media field is flooded with publications about the activities of the persons mentioned in the letter. It is a good indicator to understand that we are on the right path.
And since the Azeri politician deprived me of the opportunity to write a reply letter, I will respond here in his own language մեկ with another saying he understands ․ Pul yoksulluğu müvəqqəti bir phenomena, beyindəki yoxsulluq əbədi bir faciədir (Poverty of money is a temporary phenomenon, and poverty of the brain is an eternal tragedy).
Be strong in the spirit of strengthening the national and Armenian statehood, it always rises after a thunderstorm. ”
10-05-2021, 06:25
Horoscope for May 10
Aries. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. In many cases, there may be gaps due to distraction. When making financial decisions, consult experienced people, you will definitely need their advice.

Prejudices prevent us from moving forward. Determination is not enough to defend your views even when you are absolutely sure of your legitimacy. Pay attention to those who will support you today, you can count on their help many times in the future.

Taurus. As difficult as it is, you will have to look at the questions realistically. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. Now is the time to look at life soberly. A number of difficult ideas will be born today. You need support to reach your goals.

The risk of injury is high, try to be more careful. Be especially careful when dealing with flammable or explosive materials. Expect good news in the evening. You may meet someone who is very dear to you.

Twins: The day will bring a lot of problems. Solving practical problems will take a lot of time and energy, վերջ at the end of the day you may not have enough strength to be happy with the results. It is not fair that your achievements go unnoticed today, and your mistakes are immediately noticeable. Friends will help you not to get depressed. They will not miss the opportunity to lift your spirits.

Viability is low, so you will be sensible if you reduce the burden and save yourself. Get rid of bad habits, try to eat right. Avoid large purchases.

Cancer. That's all well and good, but the situation does not satisfy you. The point is, you're overwhelmed by the opinions of those around you. You try your best to please those who are completely indifferent to you. To overcome a bad mood, create, sing, dance, draw, all this will help to restore mental balance.
10-05-2021, 06:24
Yesterday, after the signing of the memorandum on May 9 and the rally in Freedom Square, the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan went to Yerablur with his son Levon Kocharyan. We learn about this from senior Kocharyan's Facebook page.
10-05-2021, 06:02
It is not surprising that targeting Armenian nationalism has played an important role in the struggle against Armenia for many years.
It is probably the first time in 76 years since May 9, 1945, that there is no "shout" of victory in the air of the city on May 9. I did not see a single poster or flag reminding of the victory in the city.

If it were not for Putin's fear, I am sure that the traitor and traitor's grandson Nikol Vova Pashinyan would not have gone to the fire of "Victory" park.
10-05-2021, 05:44
Tigran Vahramyan, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Spa and Physical Medicine, issued a statement stating:

"2018 Recently, I was appointed Acting Director of the CFBGI (Institute of Physiotherapy, Orbeli Street). During 2.5 years under my leadership, many reforms have been made, which can be proved by both the employees and the patients. I have not received any remarks from the superior management about the implemented works. The medical institution has been in the process of privatization for more than 20 years.