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10-05-2021, 10:28
Media expert Hayk Derzyan's action in defense of journalists.


"Mane Gorgyan, this is for you. "In the future, this will have to come to your boss, and before that you will wear it to be more restrained towards journalists," he wrote.

It should be reminded that yesterday RA Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Yerablur Pantheon on the occasion of Victory Day. Approaching the graves of the victims, one of the journalists asked from afar what conscience Pashinyan came to Yerablur, how he felt when he came here. However, Pashinyan's bodyguard hindered the journalist's activities. The members of the bodyguard did not allow him to approach the acting prime minister. "Leave me alone," said the journalist, and the Prime Minister's spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan said. "Dear Ani, can we talk to her?"

Read it: "I urge Mane Gorgyan never to extend her hands"
10-05-2021, 10:06
Watch it!
"You remained the same scum, the guys were a pity ․․․"
An accident took place with the car accompanying Nikol Pashinyan
"What trace did your son leave, Mr. Prime Minister, that you do not even read the name of the knight?" The father of the killed soldier was upset by Pashinyan's behavior
5000 bright boys were slaughtered under the feet of abortion, it was not enough, sheep are still slaughtered today
Traffic from Abovyan Park to Myasnikyan Avenue will be temporarily suspended on May 8
According to our information, an incident took place in Marmarashen community on Friday.

Gor Hambardzumyan, the brother of the mayor of Masis, against whom a criminal case was initiated during the days of the 2018 revolution, had an argument with Sayen Hayrapetyan, the chairman of the Masis regional branch of the Yerkrapah Voluntary Union. The dispute started in one of the cafes, then moved to the city of Masis.
10-05-2021, 10:03
The Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Kamran Ali stated that "there are special criminal cases against the mercenaries of the Armenian terrorists fighting in Nagorno Karabakh", adding that the above-mentioned persons have been charged with relevant criminal cases, minval.az reports.
10-05-2021, 09:43
Azerbaijan has decided to try their ...
The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan has informed that the investigation of the criminal cases initiated in connection with "Armenian mercenaries and terrorists fighting in Karabakh" will be completed soon and they will be transferred to court. Azerbaijan did not specify who the "Armenian terrorists and mercenaries" were, but said that the case of one of them had already been sent to the Baku military tribunal, which is a Lebanese citizen. This was reported by the Azerbaijani minval.az.
10-05-2021, 09:42
If we did not want, the United States would not recognize the Armenian Genocide ...
The circles you know try to present us as pro-Turkish, pro-Turkish, etc. In this context, the attitude of the parliamentary majority and the government towards the Armenian Genocide is questioned. Nikol Pashinyan stated about this in the parliament.

He mentioned that in 2018-21 9 declarations recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide were adopted, in 2008 18 such resolutions were adopted. "45-50% of what was done in the previous 10 years has been done in 3 years. One of the main and turning points in the international recognition of the genocide took place. The upper and lower houses of the United States have recognized the Armenian Genocide, which was also recognized by the President of the United States. "If the Armenian government did not want to be accepted, it would definitely happen, as it did," he said, adding that those accused of their Turkishness had persuaded the United States not to recognize the genocide, citing some information spread on the Internet.
10-05-2021, 09:12
There is no ban on "Last Call". The Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia Zhanna Andreasyan stated this at the May 10 meeting with journalists.

However, as he explained, given the current epidemic situation in the country, circulars were sent to schools about the need to organize outdoor events with a limited number of participants and to maintain all anti-epidemic measures.
10-05-2021, 08:51
An unpleasant incident took place in the "Yerablur" military pantheon with the chairman of the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers Sasun Mikayelyan.

During a visit to Yerablur on May 8, Sasun Mikaelyan decided to visit the graves of boys killed in the Second Artsakh War.

He approached one of the graves where the parents were mourning the death of their son.

According to the NEWSPRESS.am correspondent, Sasun Mikaelyan extended his hand to the parent to shake the latter's hand, but the victim's father not only did not shake his hand, but also spat on Sasun Mikaelyan.

A couple of those next to the chairman of the YVU, probably with the intention of taking revenge, rushed forward to the victim's father. However, Mikaelyan turned around and left, telling them to come with him and leave the parent alone.
10-05-2021, 08:47
On May 10, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Ali arrived in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. Azerbaijani media reports.

He took part in a number of events, including the opening of a new runway at Nakhichevan Airport.
10-05-2021, 08:16
A major accident took place near the Central Bank with the participation of a car accompanying the Prime Minister. Police and ambulance crews are at the scene.
10-05-2021, 08:07
"As for why you placed Vermishyan in the penitentiary, I will definitely make it public." Alexander Kochuba!
May 10:
Lawyer Alexander Kochuba wrote on his Facebook page. "I got completely acquainted with the indictment of the chairman of the RA Urban Development Committee Vahagn Vermishyan երին the materials of the case.

As always, the "RA NSS" closed joint-stock company was at its degenerate height.

It is clear that the criminal prosecution of Vahagn Vermishyan is obviously political, and the indictment - the materials of the criminal case are one of the best examples of legal illiteracy, which can later be used for educational purposes to explain to students what the documentation of the criminal case should not be. In fact, the only starting point for the employees of the RA NSS CJSC was the desire of the RA main rupee, not the information obtained in the criminal case.