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3-12-2019, 20:02
Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction MP Gagik Tsarukyan's spokesperson Iveta Tonoyan responded to a statement by Yerevan mayor's spokesman that the wealthy, who met with Tsarukyan's mediation, had not submitted any investment proposals in documentary form.

"For several hours, Yerevan Mayor Hakob Karapetyan's spokesman has been trying to refute Gagik Tsarukyan's statement in parliament that Abu Dhabi's crown prince, who was eager to make major investments in Armenia, was disappointed after meeting with Hayk Marutyan. I understand, of course, that Karapetyan, who has recently become a scapegoat for the mayor and is forced to deal with ridiculous situations because of the latter, has again been instructed to do his best at any cost.

But I have to be disappointed, because in just a few hours he will be in a shameful state again and will be convinced that he will not be able to mislead the public by talking idly and chatteringly. A spokesperson for my own ignorance is partnering to urge you not to continue the interviews with the same enthusiasm, as the facts to be published shortly will prove who the real liar is and who speaks in the air, "Iveta Tonoyan said in a statement.
3-12-2019, 19:50
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, materials are being prepared at the Gyumri city police department in connection with the theft on December 2 in Gyumri.

At 17:50 the Mushegh police department received a call from Abovyan Street 62-year-old Samvel M., who reported that on the same day, between 08:00 and 15:45 that he had been using "a nearby house." Because of the opening of the chapel of St. Minas, they entered and committed theft. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the caller told police officers that a bronze cross had been stolen.
3-12-2019, 19:23
What happened about two years ago was not a revolution. The shift came after the drug cartels came to power, former farmer Tigran Yeghoyan said during Angela Tovmasyan's "Mirror Before the Mirror" broadcast program. Farmer believes that the real revolution is still ahead.

Referring to the specific problems in Vayots Dzor marz, former Tigran Yeghoyan said that the whole economy has collapsed in the marz, particularly in the Shatin community. “One of the farmers I know sold his land and left the country. We have been told many times that water is stolen in the region, with special pipes directing it to Nakhichevan. ”

According to Farmer, not responding adequately to all this is like a genocide and it doesn't matter to whom he accuses Nikol Pashinyan or Minister of Territorial Administration Suren Papikyan.

Speaking about the Prime Minister's statements on agriculture, Tigran Yeghoyan said that the Prime Minister's statements are bluff. The former farmer recalled the Prime Minister's statement in Talin when he said there would be a major investment, with Eurostandard livestock being built, and today we see that nothing has happened in agriculture.
Tigran Yeghoyan regrets that the villagers are leaving their land and their homes, which is a real worry as the villages are being emptied.

Concluding his speech, Tigran Yeghoyan noted that he plans to launch a radical nationalist movement. In response to the question, why extreme, Yeghoyan said, as the villagers are deprived of the opportunity to live, so there is no other step left. “We will go the same way as Nicole did. In the same way we will answer him. "
3-12-2019, 19:13
As we have already informed, the RA Prosecutor General's Office sent the case of Serzh Sargsyan to Italy for a house.

Lusine Mkrtchyan, Head of the SRC Information and Public Relations Department, told Factor.am that the SRC Investigation Department has received the information and is currently investigating it. It should be reminded that a few days ago the Sasna Tsrer party issued a statement saying that Mikayel Minasyan had donated $ 20 million to Serge Sargsyan in Rome, Italy.

The statement also included the address of the house. "The address of that $ 20 million home is St. Anselmo Street, No. 10 (Via di Sant'Anselmo, 10)," the Sasna Riviera statement said.
3-12-2019, 19:11
On live Public Television, Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan reflected on PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan's statement that Marutyan is impeding the construction of the hotel: “Mr. Tsarukyan, with all due respect, you are sorry, but you do not own the building because you own the hotel and the court suspended the construction as a means of securing the claim. The municipality has nothing to do here. It is up to the municipality to let all the unfinished buildings come to an end the day before and dust gets out of the city. "

Marutyan mentioned that Taron Margaryan allowed to build one floor, and they have already built three floors, that is, 2 floors are illegally constructed: that's normal, with no documents. "

Maruti also referred to the rumors that the PAP is operating in Abovyan with a social component and wants to do so in Yerevan, but Yerevan is not responding. “I told them to look at whether there is an application or not. Look no application. I contact Arman Abovyan and say that we do not have such an application. Write an application. They didn't write the application for a long time, and after writing we offered to meet, discuss the project, so far no response, disappear and disappear. ”
3-12-2019, 19:07
Gagik Tsarukyan announced that Abu Dhabi's crown prince, who wants to make big investments in Armenia, has left after a meeting with Mayor Hayk Maruti. Hayk Marutyan told the Public Television of Armenia today: “Yes, the meeting has been. I want to say that Mr. Tsarukyan is not the first to make such statements and there is no evidence behind them. They called me, told us to meet, and we agreed. The discussion was very productive; they offered to build a hospital and a hotel. The hospital, which is supposed to be a charity, has never been such a talk, just a business. They focused on the center. We explained to them that our center is overcrowded and there is almost no room, ”Marutyan said.

According to him, the Crown Prince was offered a space outside the center, as well as other plans.

“They agree, and the interesting thing is that in that part of the meeting they started making calls on their phones, taking turns talking and putting them on. So three bells. Mr. Meschyan and I waited patiently until they finished talking, then continued. I realized for a moment that maybe they weren't interested and maybe people were in a hurry. To date, no written, oral application has been made. We are still waiting and ready to do everything, ”he said.
3-12-2019, 19:06
The parliament rejected the controversial bill of Enlightenment Armenia.
Enlightened Armenia has proposed a legislative package by which individuals who have not previously worked in the system and meet the demands of lawmakers can be appointed to the post of NSS director and chief of police. The My Step faction had earlier welcomed the changes, but the package had not been accepted for a second reading since September. Today, despite the reminders of the authors of the draft, the majority did not include it in the agenda and it was out of circulation.

Marukyan had earlier reminded that the ruling bloc's deputies had been praising him from the beginning, even NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan was delighted with the draft and had not concealed it in his speech. Marukyan noted that they had agreed to the appointment of those posts by the Ministry of Defense, but no necessary joint discussions were organized. For his part, Vladimir Vardanyan, a member of the "My Step" bloc, said that the National Security Service and the Police really need serious reforms, but it takes time and a careful approach.

"We are trying to find solutions that will be constitutional first, and second, they will not undermine the system." Ararat Mirzoyan also made an extraordinary speech. Their position was explained by the fact that the presented version of the bill contradicted the Constitution, which in their opinion was unacceptable.
It should also be noted that this legislative initiative has caused unequivocal reaction both among the Prosperous Armenia Party MPs and the expert community.
3-12-2019, 18:54
About half an hour ago a large truck traveling from Armenia to Moscow crashed near Armavir, Russia. According to a MAMUL.am source, Gazel, leaving Novokubansk on the M4 highway, without taking into account the stop sign, hit a secondary highway belonging to "Ed Trans" LLC on the secondary road. On the truck ". Gazel was without a license plate, the driver and three passengers were under the influence of alcohol. They were taken to the hospital, where the level of driver's gaze is being checked. According to our information, the Armenian driver of the truck was not injured, but the car is no longer in operation.
3-12-2019, 18:51
"People have begun in the city, the puppies have started spraying paints on cars, I have seen them sprayed on cars twice, they have been mailed today, and mostly in the dark, be careful. Video from our BMW club I told you to put it here for you to see. "

Vazgen Hovhannisyan, a user posted this on Facebook and posted a video warning drivers.