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8-05-2021, 01:20
RA Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan is running for the post of the country's number one clown. The indefatigable servant of Capitulant Nikol Pashinyan's regime, like some, does not do it with his head bowed and silent, but publicizes his service with special solemnity and splendor, without being afraid of becoming the subject of ridicule and ridicule. After presenting last year's report of the Prosecutor's Office in the parliament yesterday, he made several remarkable and at the same time funny statements. For example, he was particularly proud of the fact that compared to 2019, the crime rate last year decreased. The prosecutor with a sense of morality and professional duty, of course, should have spoken from the tribune of the parliament today about the crime of the year, if you like, how the anti-national government in the person of Nikol Pashinyan handed over Artsakh to the public by lying, destroyed five thousand seeds and destroyed the army. and now he has put the issue of Syunik on the counter. And this clown came and boasted that crimes had decreased.
But this is not all. It turns out that they are engaged in war crimes, Davtyan says that their main task after the war is to find the culprits and bring them to justice.
In fact, half a year after the war and defeat, the Prosecutor General is looking for the culprits, while many facts have been presented against Nikol Pashinyan, starting with Movses Hakobyan and ending with the rest.
8-05-2021, 01:15
This morning, Alen Simonyan's "Frenzy", Taron Chakhoyan's "Media" and Tarik Chakhoyan's "Hayk" page of the "Revolutionary Guards" coordinator spread the photo of the billboard of the second president Robert Kocharyan's book in a number of regions, writing that "citizens are" They painted Robert Kocharyan's poster. "

According to Mediaport, the red paint on the poster was filled by the members of the "Guardians of the Revolution" group on the order of Alen Simonyan
7-05-2021, 21:22
During the voting in the National Assembly today, the NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan, who was chairing the sitting, as a result of being busy on the phone, accidentally turned on, most likely, a voice message. Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's voice was heard: "Yes, I do not know, it is Kocharyan's trial ...". Simonyan responded briefly, "Oops." Sources in the ARMINSIDER telegram channel claim that Alen Simonyan did not accidentally turn on the recording. First of all, court hearings related to Robert Kocharyan have not taken place for a long time; it is impossible that Pashinyan and Simonyan have talked about such a court hearing in recent days. Evil tongues claim that this is how Alen Simonyan explains to Pashinyan, his opponents, that he has recordings that can have serious consequences. In short, Alen Simonyan threatens Pashinyan and offers it to the opposition. Such a practice is not alien to Alen Simonyan. Simonyan is trying to snatch a high position և opportunities from Nikol Pashinyan, and if he does not agree, then one day new recordings with Pashinyan's participation may appear on the Internet.
7-05-2021, 21:13
In the Netherlands, an Azerbaijani attacked an Armenian woman with a knife because of her ethnicity. According to Infoteka24, the victim, whose name is Anna, is now in serious condition. Doctors are fighting for his life. A criminal case has been filed in connection with the incident, but a closed investigation is underway, the details of which are not disclosed.
7-05-2021, 20:09
Today in a number of places of the republic, including Yerevan, a phenomenon called meteorology has been observed. Gagik Surenyan, Deputy Director of the Hydrometeorological and Monitoring Center, wrote about this on his Facebook page. Gallo is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, bright, colored circles, spots observed around the sun or the moon, which are caused by the refraction or reflection of light in the icy crystals of high clouds.
7-05-2021, 19:49
Today, in response to the publication of the first president Leon Ter-Petrosyan, the office of the third president Serzh Sargsyan particularly responded. "As for the text of the statement published by Levon Ter-Petrosyan, this is the first time President Sargsyan has seen it."

In response to iLur's inquiry in this regard, the first president's spokesman Arman Musinyan noted. "We do not see a problem. whoever wants, let him believe in Serzh Sargsyan "
7-05-2021, 19:46
I wanted to call you as soon as I returned from Artsakh, and then I realized that talking or chatting would quickly leave the topic, and it was important for me to convey the atmosphere.

Let me say at once that the impression is heavy. I used to pray that ordinary people there, even before the war, prayed over Russia, and now, when I went there, I thought about what a vital thing to say to them. It seemed to me that we had lost the war, but now that you think you are already in Russia, I will somehow sweeten the pill. No way:

The most important thing that literally hangs in the air, like the stench that always accompanies it, is vulnerability. It starts with the advice of knowledgeable people who have promised me that from Tegh to Stepanakert I will stop only at checkpoints and not get out of the car, ending with the fact that you pass by an Azeri checkpoint at the entrance to Shushi.

All the talk is full of brokenness. My colleague from Shushi enlisted in the army 3 months after the end of his service with a 3-year contract. He says there are no jobs and the army has a stable income. The servicemen of the military unit say that the service, as such, is over. they kill time there, they no longer have combat missions. Officers, like schoolchildren, are stopped several times a day to make sure everyone is there and no one has done their homework. The positions we held during the war were handed over to the Azerbaijanis without a single shot, and now they are building new ones, lazily working on the number. The barracks have stopped smelling of sweat and socks, instead they smell of wax and javelin.
7-05-2021, 18:09
Nikol Pashinyan has thought of ways to weaken the wave of the big political event expected on the day of the liberation of Shushi, which was handed over to the enemy, the second president of the Republic of Armenia, ARF Dashnaktsutyun. Late last night, when it became known that on May 9, the second president Robert Kocharyan, together with the old and new political forces supporting him, convened a large rally in Freedom Square, some government figures, it turns out, discussed marking the day of non-existence of May victories to Yerablur. By organizing a march to divert the public's attention from the speeches in Freedom Square, on the other hand, they owe the tragic fact of the May victories and the non-existence of the Triple Holiday.

It is clear that by creating favorable conditions for their political team as a means of organizing a memorial service for our heroes who died defending the Motherland, Nikol Pashinyan's government has already managed to make a way out of the situation, but how much will this cynicism help them, the victims and the missing? It is not difficult to guess to use the name for political purposes.
7-05-2021, 18:03
Military correspondent Semyon Pegov responded to all those who accuse him of spreading misinformation during the Artsakh war.

YEREVAN, May 7 - Sputnik. Military correspondent Semyon Pegov told Sputnik Armenia radio station that he passed the information he received during the war, no more.

"I want to meet people who are ready to accuse me of cheating somewhere or saying something untrue. My job is to show and cover what I see, hear, understand and observe. I have no regard for the accusations that sound baseless from people who have not been there. "They are sofa troops, they can say whatever they want," Pegov said.
He mentioned that he did not work for the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, of course, like the other journalists, he was accredited, he informed about his movement, he did not agree with anyone.
7-05-2021, 17:51
"Azerbaijanis will leave not only Shushi, but also Gandzak and Nakhichevan without a single shot." Jirayr Sefilyan