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Сегодня, 20:00
"If Armenia wants, it can be solved easily, if not, we will solve it by force." Ali threatened Armenia with a new war
Сегодня, 19:34
VIDEO. The tragedy of Poncho's life կյանքի What conditions does the actor live in? Why was he sentenced to prison?
Сегодня, 19:18
According to Ali, the Russian peacekeeping contingent was invited by them to the territories adjacent to Karabakh. And they thought that this new measure of cooperation would strengthen relations.

YEREVAN, April 20 - Sputnik ․ Baku expects to receive a more complete answer from Russia on the appearance of "Iskander-M" missiles in Artsakh. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing an interview with President Ilham Ali on Azerbaijani state television.

"We must be officially answered. Either those missiles were transferred to Armenia or were taken out of Russia illegally. There are no answers to these questions. "It is an unpleasant situation," Ali said.

According to him, there is a strategic partnership between Russia and Azerbaijan.
Сегодня, 19:06
How do the people of Syunik react when they see Pashinyan's motorcade?
Сегодня, 18:53
"Nikol Pashinyan left for Syunik in 9 cars providing his security," Telegram "Mediaport" channel writes, presenting a video.

"By the way, Pashinyan left for Syunik region not via Vorotan, but through Tat, to avoid traveling on a 5 km road handed over to the enemy, where it is recommended to move quickly and without stopping, and in case of capture, call the NSS.

"Thus, the Prime Minister of Armenia has obviously avoided the prospect of being taken prisoner," the channel writes.
Сегодня, 18:39
The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Ali stated that the creation of the Zangezur Corridor is fully in line with the national, historical and future interests of Azerbaijan.

"We will fulfill the task of creating the Zangezur corridor, whether Armenia wants it or not. "If Armenia wants, it can be easily solved. If it does not want, we will solve it by force," Ali said in an interview with AzTV.

According to Sputnik Azerbaijan, Ali added that "in 101 years, the Azerbaijani people will return to Zangezur."

In addition, Ali noted that "Baku can not allow Armenia to bring its army to a state where it can threaten Azerbaijan."
Сегодня, 17:02
Who is the soldier whose body was found hanging from a tree?
Сегодня, 16:59
"The Russian Defense Ministry responded to the letter of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. The answer states that the Russian side did not register the launch of ballistic missiles. "In fact, this is not a complete answer to our question, because the main question in our question was how the Iskander-M deadly missiles appeared in Armenia," Ali said.

Earlier, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that he had discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin the information about the discovery of Iskander-M missiles in Karabakh. Baku had sent an official inquiry to Moscow on that topic.

It should be reminded that on March 31, information appeared in the Azerbaijani media about the discovery of "Iskander" fragments in Shushi. According to the Azerbaijani Demining Agency (ANAMA), "fragments of two rockets were found" in the city of Shushi on March 15. However, there are "Iskander-E" types in the arsenal of Armenia, and the ones found in Shushi and later displayed in Baku are fragments of "Iskander-M". According to experts, they could have been brought from Syria by Turkish specialists.
Сегодня, 16:33
When we think of heat, we immediately think of deserts, but in reality the deserts are not always considered the hottest places.

The state of Djibouti is located in Africa. The temperature of +45 degrees Celsius was registered there for the first time. Prior to that, the record belonged to the American deserts, where it was only 3 degrees cold. The climate of Djibouti is dry, there are no winds, so the heat is very strong and heavy.

Las Vegas is the hottest and driest place in the United States. That is why people prefer to spend the day in rooms "armed" with air conditioners. The temperature there reached և +47 degrees. A similar situation took place in the Spanish city of Murcia in the late 1990s, when people again did not dare to leave their homes. But in Greece it is difficult to breathe in summer because of smog.

Australia is characterized by extreme heat. The residents have already got used to the local climatic conditions, but in 1962 The climate record was +50 degrees. Unlike previous countries, Australia prefers to overcome the heat on the beaches.
Сегодня, 15:58
Actor, singer Gosh and blogger Masha have been dating for some time, although they have not officially confirmed it. Their love story began on the set and continues to this day. The couple can often be seen walking together.

The other day Gosh was celebrating his birthday, he posted a rather bold photo in which he was lying half-naked in the jacuzzi. Gosh later removed the picture, but Starnews did not miss anything. We noticed that the happy hand in this photo is Mashain. The same nail polish և egg that Masha used to wear a few days ago. Unfortunately, they realized that people would understand, so they fired, but forgot that we are very careful.