» Postmortem. What is Pashinyan's plan for the NSS and the police?

Postmortem. What is Pashinyan's plan for the NSS and the police?

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The parliament rejected the controversial bill of Enlightenment Armenia.
Enlightened Armenia has proposed a legislative package by which individuals who have not previously worked in the system and meet the demands of lawmakers can be appointed to the post of NSS director and chief of police. The My Step faction had earlier welcomed the changes, but the package had not been accepted for a second reading since September. Today, despite the reminders of the authors of the draft, the majority did not include it in the agenda and it was out of circulation.

Marukyan had earlier reminded that the ruling bloc's deputies had been praising him from the beginning, even NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan was delighted with the draft and had not concealed it in his speech. Marukyan noted that they had agreed to the appointment of those posts by the Ministry of Defense, but no necessary joint discussions were organized. For his part, Vladimir Vardanyan, a member of the "My Step" bloc, said that the National Security Service and the Police really need serious reforms, but it takes time and a careful approach.

"We are trying to find solutions that will be constitutional first, and second, they will not undermine the system." Ararat Mirzoyan also made an extraordinary speech. Their position was explained by the fact that the presented version of the bill contradicted the Constitution, which in their opinion was unacceptable.
It should also be noted that this legislative initiative has caused unequivocal reaction both among the Prosperous Armenia Party MPs and the expert community.