» What will the list of Kocharyan's bloc look like?

What will the list of Kocharyan's bloc look like?

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The pre-election struggle of the "Armenia" bloc led by the second president Robert Kocharyan started from Freedom Square. Dashnaktsutyun և "Reborn Armenia" parties are in the bloc.

ArmDaily.am has learned details about the list of Robert Kocharyan's "Armenia" bloc. The list was compiled by Kocharyan himself, he was very meticulous in compiling it, each candidate was studied in detail, his rating was analyzed, what he can give, how he can be useful to the bloc, etc.

Since the alliance consists of a union of three forces, the members of those forces, as well as individual professionals, are included in the alliance.

And so, the first is Robert Kocharyan, the second is Ishkhan Saghatelyan. ArmDaily.am has learned that the first woman of the bloc, number three on the list, will be Elinar Vardanyan. The next will be the leader of "Reviving Armenia" Vahe Hakobyan. The list of the bloc from "Reborn Armenia" will also include Anna Grigoryan from Syunik, who passed through "My Step" but is currently an independent MP, and Robert Hayrapetyan, a lawyer.